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Monday, December 27, 2010

2 Out Fit Posts, And a great style!

Hello my vintage lovers!!
I know it feels like its been fore ever that i blogged about something. And yes, I still have to post the Betty Hutton up do, I have not forgotten about that!!(I'm still editing it) I have been none stop busy!!Me my mommy & daddy are creating a powder room, so we have been painting a small section. I will most def post pictures when we are finished! It could be a month from now. But  I have managed over the last two weeks to try to take a some pictures on my daily outfits LOL!!
And Here Is some of my outfits that I have worn:
60's red purse
60's leopard pill box hat
60's dress in black

me and my auntie
i had on a 50's light brown cardie
with a Burgundy 50's skirt

Last week Lisa tryed out  my victory roll how to! And her rolls look fab!!! Loved it!!
You can view it here. And here is a picture of her awesome hairstyle!!

Have A great Day!!
Miss Amethyst

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