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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Hair Cuts I've Done

Hair Cuts I've done!!

Above: (Friend ) Brittany
Below: (Cousins) (L)- Esmee 
(R)- Jocelyn

Miss Amethyst

Monday, June 20, 2011

5 Minute Beach Pinup Hair : Floral/ Reverse Victory Roll /Side Updo

Hello There Vintage Lovers!!

Today we will be doing a Beach 5 minute do. ( Side Bun with a Reverse Victory Roll)

Inspired by this photo!!
 You can eighter put a scarf or a Hawaiian hair clip!!!!

Today we are talking easy so this can either be done with no hair set... a day after you had  your hair set... it doesn't matter.

Its all about pining and rolling !
I really like this hair do specially if you don't want you hair to get wet...or if you have long hair and it just gets you hot under the sun... its really great do' plus it has this pinup look to it!!!

What you need:
2 elastic pony tail holders
Lots of bobby pins
Head scarf/ or Hawaiian hair clip!
( I'm using a flower hair clip to add a little more oomph to the beach look)

The Tools you need


Take a sqaure section were your part is ( this is were the victory roll is going to be at) put it a side. the first pony tail goes behind your ear the second pony tail goes behind the first.

Roll the first pony tail into a standing up pin curl.

Pin it with a bobby pin, and fan the edges to make it bigger.

Do the same to the second pony tail. The space in between my finger will be filled with the hair that is pushed aside.

Let the section for your victory roll down.

Split that section into a medium small size triangle. and also push that aside.

The pieces that are left use them to fill in the gap between the two bun rolls.

Pin it.

Take the section for your reverse victory roll and roll it up!!!

Pin it!!!

Next add your flower !!!

Back view

Front View!!!

This is SO easy!! Perfect for the beach!! All it takes is 5 minutes!! If you mater pin curling and victory rolls ( reverse victory rolls are easier you can actually do this less than 5 minutes!!!)

Hope I explained it well, if you have any questions please just ask!!
Hope you guys love the hair do!!

Glamour and Glitz
Miss Amethyst

Hair Styles For Spring / Summer 2011!!! Vintage Style!!!

                                                     Spring/ Summer Hair!!!

You might see allot of these on my upcoming pinup glamorous beach hair in 5 minute series!!!

 Miss Amethyst

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog Of The Month: Sweetheart of the Rodeo

Hello Vintage Lovers!
This months blog of the month award goes to : Sweetheart of the Rodeo!!!!!
Congrats congrats!!!
I just love this doll!! She has the cutest outfits, cutest hair!!! If you haven't all ready been to her blog ... you'll just have to stop by over!!!

Miss Amethyst

Annette Funicello/ The Peggy Flip : Fun and Flirty Hair!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
Today I will be doing Annette / The Peggy  Flip!
( Fun Fact : My Moms name is Annette!!)
The Peggy flip was very very popular back in the 60's.
Annette always had her her hair rolled but my favorite look on her was ' The Peggy Flip'
Yep you guessed it flips!!!

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Sandra Dee also sported this popular hair style too!!!

A Long Peggy Flip

Here Is what you need
Depending on your hair length you need Bigger rollers on the crown and medium to small rollers around the nape of the hair. Lotta Body setting spray ( or just gel), roller clips, hood dryer ( or you can sleep in your set),  rat tail comb,and hair spray!!!!

AHHHH!!! Ugly!!!! You can either start on dry hair and use hot rollers..or start on wet and use rollers

Part hair make sure you use setting lotion if working on wet hair. If your working on dry..apply hair spray and thermal protective serum.

Apply medium to big rollers on top rolling under... then on the very bottom roll your rollers up like a flip!

( sorry for the blurry pic..) This is how your hair is suppose to look after you take the rollers down.

Tease 7 times on the crown of your hair and smooth it down with hair spray to create volume on top

Smooth is down carefully

The bottom of your hair to create that Peggy flip. Spray hair spray on the end and back comb ( above where my finger is)

(Back combing it like SO)

( take your hair and flip it around your finger and )

Back comb the very very ends of the hair ( feathering it outward)

Finished result!!! Apply lots and lots of hair spray!! You can also add a head band to your hair!

The flip close up!!!


I hope you enjoyed this hair how to.. hopefully it made sense. If you have any question please feel free to ask!
I love answering questions!
Miss Amethyst

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Big Brush Out!!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!
Today we will be talking about brushing out your hair sets...
Every one has their own little way about brushing out their hair sets. Today I will be sharing my own little secrets!!
The Tools I use are:
1) My fingers
2) Wide Tooth Comb
3) A Boar teasing brush
4) Rat Tail Comb
5) Hair Spray


1. When you first brush out your hair spray, I like to put a light hair spray to hold the curls when i break them up with my fingers.
2) Next use a wide tooth comb to fluff out your set.
3) Use A Boar teasing brush just to lightly 'feather' out your set on top and in the bottom
4) If you have a specific wave pattern to your set, use your rat tail comb to lightly 'ruff ' your curls in to place by teasing with the curl.
5) Follow by the use of your choice:
 Light Hair spray... Medium Hair spray.... 'Stop the Bird' Mega Hold ( Freeze) hair spray

Tips: If you don't want to spray hair spray on your hair before your brush out,  your can spray a little bit in your combs/ brush.
Don't panic if you are new with pin curl sets or roller sets, when you hair looks supper big... its getting use to sets, and when you brush out your hair even more it will relax... (it will relax even more during the day..)

If you have any question please fill free to ask!

Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst