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Monday, June 6, 2011

Short Hair Cut and Outfit Post

Hello Vintage Lovers!
Last week I got a hair cut by my friend Andrew! He did a fab job... Although I was going t grow it out longer to a Rita Hayward hair length.. but he thought that I would look better in a bob like Marylin Monroe/ Liz Taylor/ Natalie Wood, hair cut!
My hair grows fast anyway so by the end of this month it would grow a inch. I do sorta miss my 2 inches... but oh well ...The fun news is I that I can sport finger waves... 1960's hair styles ... and other hair styles!!!
Its not really styled in the pictures... I just curled it under a little bit in the back its more of a 60's look.
Check it out!

Short Is In!!! :

Notice!!! My hair is not in a set!!!!!!!

My outfit is a 2 piece the A Bow jacket and the wiggle dress!! Its SO pretty!!! Its from the 1960's!!!
  The Cut Was Inspired By The 3 Lovely Ladies!!!

Miss Wood

Miss Taylor

Miss Monroe

Until Then I will be experimenting with my hair sets!!!

Hope You All Love It!!
Miss Amethyst


  1. I like it! Very pretty and it suits you well! I hope your styling experiements go well.

  2. Beautiful cut. I agree with the comment above- it certainly suits you. I wish I could pull off that look. And the dress is adorable!

  3. The new cut looks great on you! It is always nice to have something fun to play with ;)


  4. That style looks great on you, though I'm beginning to think you'd look wonderful no matter what!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. He did a great job it looks super cute!!

  6. It gives you quite the mature and sophisticated look, Miss Amethyst. Very lovely!

  7. That's so funny, I just got pretty much the same hair cut myself, only a bit less willingly, haha. You look so stunning and chic, it's making me feel better about my new length!

  8. Very becoming! You are definitely a Natalie!

  9. Oh yes you certainly chose the right length, it looks very sexy and chic.

  10. Aww thank you ladies for the swwet comments!!!
    Dakota- haha isnt it funny that we do have the same hair cutts!! you loook fab with short hair too!!!

    Ginger- awwww you made my day!!

    Anon- Andrew he is a class mate of mine in cosmetology school


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