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Monday, April 30, 2012

Im sorry.....

Hello There!!!

Just wanted to say sorry for my lack of posting!
I am currently overloaded with work... but I will back next week!! Full ready and alive to conquer  your beauty needs and dreams!!!

Love you all!!!
And welcome new followers!!!

Kisses and Vintage!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Secret To The Perfect Pin Curl

The Secret to Pin curling is Finally Here!!!

Sculptor Pin Curler!

"Betty..... you think Barb used hers tonight??!"
"Well, she said she did it herself, her hair looked like a dream!"

Hello There!!!
So recently contacted me for a sample of the 'Sculpter Pin Curler' , to try it out and asked me how I like it since I'm a hair dresser.
*When I first heard of the product I thought..hmmmm that sounds interesting ...I cant wait to try it out.

*When I received the product I was absolutely blown away by the packaging ( see below), Its new ( modern) , but you feel like you actually bought a vintage item it makes you feel like your a girl from the 1940's and 50's , plus its Pink! Muah!!!!

*When I opened the box there was 2 Sculptor Pin Curlers , it came with a handy 'how to' book,  lots of set ideas for different hair styles to achieve, and 2 posters of vintage hair styles.

* Now.... When I tryed out the product, I could believe how simple and easy it made pin curling! It  brushes your hair as you pin curl your hair.Which is beneficial for frizz free beautiful curls/ waves!

It definitely cuts down pin curling time!
 For those who find pin curling hard... this is your answer made in heaven!
Its the perfect product!!!!

Here's How to Use it!

1) Take a section of hair...(Note I'm doing this on dry hair ...for demonstration purposes)
The end of the tool has comb bristles but in circle form just feed it thru close to the scalp.

2) Pull down tool almost to the ends. Then start to roll.

3) Roll all the way to the scalp or how ever up close you want to roll to ( you might want a different look)

4) Carefully take your hair and slide it out of the 'Sculpter Pin Curler'

5)) Pin!!!!!

The Result???

Beautiful Curls that look like a Pro did it!!!!

Love As Always,

Want this product?

Its a Must have for that pinup girl!!!!

Heres How to Get it!