The Powder Room

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feeling The Blues!

( I look sooo tired in this picture LOL its soo funny!!)

I just feel in love with this vintage blue dress....

I find that my closet has a lot of blue....
Whats your the color you most tend to gravitate to.... ???
I just adore Blue and Red!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cold Days....

Me wearing A lovely red tulle dress!!!!

Its been freezing here!!!
So I'm currently switching my wardrobe to Fall / Winter!!!
I'm kinda sad because I love wearing my pastel colors!! But I also love wearing vintage sweaters and wool skirts!!!
I'm really inspired by all these photos! I just love how every last one of them is fashionably vintage with a cozy warm feel to it!!!
I'm currently trying to find the shoes below...I think I found them though at a local vintage shop!!! TEEEHEE I'm so excited!!!!

Arent They SOOO Cute???!!!

Im in love with her outfit!!!

I love the dress and the cute doggie!!!


Whats your vintage winter wish list item???!!

Miss Amethyst

My Work Made It Big!!!!

not really big!!!
A few months ago, my school was asked to do a hair and makeup for a preview for our towns fashion week. Me and my classmate / friend Andrew was doing the models hair and makeup! It  was fabulous!!! Our work was shown in Newspapers, Internet, and our historic down towns Culture Art Center Window Display!!!

This is one of the models that I did!
(Hair and Makeup )

Our Town also celebrated Claire McCardell. Whom was raised and went to school at our town!

Love As Always

Miss Amethyst

1940's Faux Victory Rolls 'How To'

Hello Vintage Lovers!!

I created this hair how to for the girl who just loves victory rolls but has a little struggle creating them...or if you are a 'girl on the girl ' this hair style is perfect for you!!!
Perfect Fast 1940's Pinup Look!!!

What you need:
Rat tail Comb
Hair Spray
Curling iron / if you already set your hair
Bobby pins
Duck bill clip

Lets Get Started!!!

*** If you don't have bangs Skip This section!!!***
If you do have bangs curl them up like so!

Part your hair on the side. Take a medium to small section right behind your ear. Smooth it with your rat tail comb. Hair spray to keep all the fly aways down.

Twist the section towards the part and pin it. Make sure its nice and secure like so.

***Now on the other side of the part leave a little triangle square piece out of the way. ***

While keeping the small section out of the way. Take out a medium to small section right behind the ear. Smooth it out with comb . Hair spray the fly ways. Twist and pin.

Twist and pin like so. ( Don't worry ifs not to perfect on this side that's where the flower is going to be at)

*** Skip Section if you don't have bangs***
If you do brush them back and clip it with a duck bill clip

Take the remaining bang hair and brush them to the side . then Hair spray .

The small section that we left out will be for pin curling.  Create 3 small pincurls in a upside down triangle.

Pin them that way you don't see the bobby pins.

Hair spray your pin curls

Remove Duck Bill Clip.

If you hadn't already so had a set , curl the ends of your hair under with the curling iron.

Back comb just a bit and smooth it,  that way it will be nice and full.
Then add a Flower or any cute little clip. Then a extra dose of hairspray!!!
Then Finish!!!!

Doesn't she look lovely in my powder room??!!!!

If you have any questions!
Please ask!!
How you enjoyed my hair how to!!
 Miss Amethyst

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Katy Perry 'Thinking of you' Hair How To

Hello There!!!
Today I will be doing a Request Hair style.
Its inspired by Katy Perry's music video 'Thinking of you'.
This particular style is mainly used with hats. For a sophisticated and elegant 1940's look.

What you need :
Bobby pins
2 ponytail holder

**** Start with 2 day old hair. It looks better when you do a up do.***

Comb your hair back. Split it in two ( You want a big bun basically so you need to split it in half.)

You want a low pony tails. ( Tease up each tail so it can an appearance of a fuller hair style)

Take each section and start winding it up like pin curls ....expect its going to be a stand up pin curl **

Standing up pin curl!! *** you can always flare out the edges to make it look wider

Do that with each strand on the pony tail. Until it looks like this.

Then Repeat it on the other side. But making sure you blend both together.

Spray any fly aways with Hairspray!

Completed look on the side

** Completed look on the front. **
add a cute 1940's hair Like Katy Perry!
This hair style is mainly to wear with hats!

Hope you enjoyed the How to!!!
Any Question feel free to ask!!
Have a Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To Cut Betty Bangs!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!
Today I will be showing you how to cut your own Betty Bangs... or if you have a friend you can use this go to at home guide to cut the "Perfect" Betty Bangs!!

Tools you need:
* Styling comb
*Duckbill clips / or Butterfly clips
* Good Shears
*Water Bottle

Lets get started!!

1) So first wet your hair in the front. 

2) Determine how thick you want your bangs.( Betty Bangs are fairly thick) Section your "bang hair' in a triangle. 
3) Clip The rest of your hair back

4)  Now take your triangle section and split it in half.

Just realised I cant really show you while I'm actually cutting it @ the same time take a picture of it!!
5) Cut your bangs starting in the middle . Don't cut to short leave *extra length ... it will shrink when it drys. 
6) Now take a little bit of the section you cut and use that as your guide for the sides. Cut the temples a little shorter than the middle of the bang. To have the U effect

7) Sides already cut.

 8) Now take the hair that you split in half down.

10) Now match it up with the hair that has already been cut in the bottom. 

11) Finished Cut Bangs. A Perfect U shape!  

**Now for the finishing touches!! Blow dry your bangs and flat iron it!!***
Lovely your perfect Pinup Betty Bangs!!!

Hope you enjoyed my how to!

Have any question.. Please fell free to ask!

Love as always!!
Mis Amethyst