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Monday, January 31, 2011

Nail Polish Reveiw: OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Hello Vintage Lovers,
Last week I purchased a nail polish from OPI called 'Lucky Lucky Lavender'. Its such a pretty color! Its a delicate purple! When I tryed the nail polish on , it surprised me how fast it dryed!! All it took was 2 coats plus base coat and it was dry in 15 minutes!! I also like how it lasts, and talk about how shiny it is!!!! :)
Its from the Hong Kong Spring 2010 OPI collection.

( The color is so pretty on her nails!)

Not only do I like the color but it also reminds me of 1960's Jackie -O,
it has a classy mod look to it!! I love it!!
Try it out!!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

Give Away Alert

Iron Orchid, and BBV Giveaway!! Its soo pretty!! Click here for a chance to win this adorable hat!!

Shop Shop Shop!!!!

Hello My Vintage Lovers,
Recently I went shopping with my mom! We hit all of my fave vintage store and hit all of the vintage sales and we found alot of swell items!!
Check them out!!

Poodles!!! I always wanted poodles!! They are SO adorable!! Hats sale!!!
Left to Right
1) Recent gift from friend. vintage 50's
2) Pearl hat $1.00 !!!!!! (crazy huh!!!) vintage 50's
3) $3.00!!! vintage 40's

White and Pink clutches!!I'm so ready for spring!! All under $5.00!! ( I love sweet deals)

Pretty Flowers
This box actually has the date to it 1953!! Perfume talc, and 2 pretty rose hankies

Lip Stick holder!!! Too cute!!
All earring cost $1.00!!!!!!!!!!

Cute 40's/50's teal and black skirt

Gift from cousin. Its a 1960's cocktail dress. Doesn't it look like it belongs in the groovy 1960s beach party movies?!!??

A cute dress coat (linen) Its SO Audrey Hepburn late 50's!

The tag

Navy blue hat matches the dress coat!
Left to right.
1) original makeup mirror .75 cents!! vintage 50's
2) Vogue Hair net!!! Every gal needs one!!
3) A button down sweet heart green floral blouse original package!!!! NEW!!!  early 60's!!! I'm going to wear it under cute white circle skirts, and also my high waist jeans!!

The mirror that's in side the package!!

Blurry pic!! Its me with my aunts cat Kato!!
Isn't he a cutie!!??
(wearing a Jackie - O knit dress)
Wearing vintage doesn't have to cost alot!! You can look fab.... On a budget!!!
Today is the last day to vote on my hair clip how to!!
Hope you enjoy!!
Have a Very Vintage Day!
Miss Amethyst

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Future Post: Vintage Inspired Hair Clip (Vote)

Hello Vintage Lovers!
The next how to post is a vintage inspired rockability hair clip.
Its going to be so much fun!!!
I have pictures below of some clips that i found on the internet. Although Im not going to promise that its going to look exactly like the clip, but its going to have the feel of the look!:)
Please vote on which clip you like the best!!

1) Feathers , Birds

2) Leopard, Veil

3) Flowers!

The Voting ends next week on a Tuesday!
Looking forward to it!!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish Blog Awards!

Hello Vintage Lovers!
I have been granted 2 Stylish Bog awards from, and
Thank you so much ladies!
Here are the rules. Share 7 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 Stylish Bloggers!

1) My Favorite colors is Pink, Teal, and Purple!!!

2) I have studied ballet since I was 7! ( I was an assistant ballet teacher for 1 year)

excuse crazy hands hahaha!!

3) Im Half Spanish!

4) I love collecting flower brooches, and vintage poodles!!

5) I love crazy cakes and making colorful cakes!!!

6) My favorite modern Day vintage movie is 'Grey Gardens'!!!

7) My favorite flower is Lilly of the Valley

Here is my Favorite Blog list

Congrats Ladies!!!
Thank you again!!
Have A Very vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Great Review!

Hello My Vintage Lovers!
Just a few weeks back the fabulous Lisa from Snoodlebug wrote a fantastic review about my blog!!Blog of the month!!!! So Awesome!!I want to thank her so so so much!! That was very kind of her!!
Check it out here!
Also I would like to welcome all of my new followers to my blog!!!

Have A Very Vintage Day!
Miss Amethyst

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finger Wave How To

Hello My Vintage Lovers!!
Today we will be talking about finger Waves
(Finger Wave : A wave set into dampened hair using only the fingers and a comb.)
Finger waves became popular in the 1920's. When the ladies of back then decided after the first war to bob their hair. It was defiantly a drastic change from the Gibson Girl to the 20's flapper girl.
Soon later in the years they moved in with waving of the hair. Leading to the the first invention the the perm.

Many Ladies whom I permed their hair at my hair school said they remember when they're parents took them as a child to get their hair permed in these!!!

Although my mannequin has unfortunately long hair I will still tell you how you can achieve it ( Unfortunately you cannot go all the way down finger waving on long hair but for the rest of the hair you would want to style it in pin curls. If you are a lucky gal of bob hair then you can finger wave your entire hair.)
(If you want a finger wave done all the way around I suggest having some one help you. )

What you will need: Duck bills, pin curl clips (for gals of long hair), Water, Gel, rat tail comb, and of course your fingers!!!! :)

Start out with damp hair that has a generious amount of gel. Part hair. And one side back. (burshing the side back allows the finger wave easier to swing, (wave).

Take your pointer finger and place it 2 inches from the part.

As You hold down the hair. Take your rattail comb and brush it forward (towards your face)

Once you brushed it towards your face gently push it towards your pointer finger.

Take your pointer finger and place it behind the wave and move your middle finger were your pointer finger was and take your comb out gently. (still keeping your middle finger and pointer finger squezing the ridge.

Brush the rest of the hair down.

Place clip next to your first ridge.Now place your pointer finger underneath the clip and repeat the same, but this time brushing away from your face.

Brush away from your face. While still keeping your pointer finger place on hair.

Take comb and push gently towards pointer finger.

Move pointer finger behind ridge and place middle finger were your pointer finger was. And gently remove the comb. And brush down. (Place another clip next to your second ridge.)
This is how you create a finger wave, you just keep going back and forth & back and forth.

How your wave should look like.

(Repeat on other side. ) Since my maniquin has long hair. I did pincurls.

Finish Look!

Finish Look

 I really hope you enjoy my finger wave how to. I tryed to make it as simple as possible. Its going to take a lot of practice finger waving, but it pays off in the end!!
If you have any questions please ask !!
Miss Amethyst

Vintage Make Up HowTo

Hello Vintage Lovers!
Today I will show you the basics of achieving old Hollywood makeup look from the 40's and 50's.
Here is a guide of makeup colors they use back then
Eyeshadow: White, Beige, Lavender, Pink Ivory, Brown, Grey, Black, Sage Green, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Powder Blue
Blushes: Pink, Burgundy
Lipstick: Dark Pink, Red, Orange Red, Burgundy, Apricot,Pinch of Pink
Eye Liners: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown

Here Is my how to for a baa sic 40's /50's look:
Clean Face!!! (Eck)

Apply Foundation on your eyelids

Apply Beige Eyeshadow on your whole in tire lips. Next apply a darker eyeshadow on your crease (i choose a lavender) When applying your crease shadow look at your mirror when tracing your shadow then close your eyes and blend into the crease bone.

Blend both eye shadows with your blending brush. Think soft , not harsh.

Apply your liner. I like to use a dark brown liquid liner for the day, It works just as good as black liner but its more of a day time look. Then apply fondation to rest of face.

Once applied mascara, brush your eyebrows and fill them in if needed.

Next apply blush (i like Hard Candy's :Living Doll) blush. Its the perfect pink

Blend Blush on your apples by smiling.

(*For Special Occasions*) Apply face and body white powder on your face (little goes a long way) This creates a techni-color Hollywood glow)

(Blend with blending brush) Blend really good!!!
Next apply your Lip Liner and Lipstick. (I have on Fire &Ice Revlon)

Next Apply Your highlighter apply (cupid bows"lips", on brow bone)

Finish Look!!

I hope you like my Make Up How To!!
Next will be the Finger Waves!!!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst