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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Snow White & Elizabeth Taylor Hair How To

Hi Vintage Lovers!!
Today , I thought I should do something different with my hair. I usually part my hair on the side! But this time i wanted to experiment with a middle part. I usually am scared of center parts because I think of the 70's.
But I got inspired by two of my most favorite gals!!!
Elizabeth Taylor and Snow White

What you need :
Pin curl clips, gel, spray bottle, a lace hair ribbon, rat tail comb

My hair set is basically . 1) parted in the middle , 2) all the pin curls are going towards my face

How it looks after I take off my pin curl clips

Since I don't want alot of structure, all I'm doing is brushing it with my hands. Make sure put a little bit of shine gloss on your hair. It should fall nicely.

Take your lace ribbon, or any sort of ribbon. And tie a bow

Finished result!!!

I actually really like the middle part hair style look. It came out good. I just might sport this look more often!!! Plus its really simple!!!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Tootles Miss Amethyst


  1. i must say, i love seeing that you have created a new post, i usually get excited just because i know i will get to listen to your playlist. :D

  2. Looks great! One question I have is, how long is your hair and what kind of cut is it? (I guess that's two questions. :] )I love the length yours is!

  3. Sure does look great on you… but I’m certain it would look awful on me! I can’t even remember the last time I had a centre parting- might try again, but I’m not getting my hopes up!
    Tups x

  4. Thanks so much for answering my question I was just wondering if I would still be able to do the lovely hairstyle tutorials you post with my bangs shorter =)

  5. Thank you soo much ladies for the lovely comments!!!

    Help Kitten- No problem! :D yes you will, infact ( at least i think) it makes retro styles easier. :D You just have to know what do with it. :D

    Tickety Boo- Aww thank you! You should try it and post a picture of it!! I bet it will look fab on you

    Syderad- Thank you soo much! My hair length is curently shoulder length, it has long layers, and i have bettie bangs. I can share a picture of it straighten. I like medium length bc you can do faux bob, or you can make it longer by doing bigger pin curls in the bottom.

  6. Thanks so much! That would be awesome if you posted a picture of it straightened.

  7. Beauthiful I am preparing the photo shoot with Snow White look. Thanks!

  8. Hey Amethyst, this looks really cute! You should wear this look more often, then people will REALLY think you look like Snow White..... :-)

  9. Beautiful! This might even make me brave the centre parting! They idea of it is pretty awful as you say... but you look great!

  10. How fun that you picked Snow White as your model! You look beautiful...and the bow is the perfect touch!

  11. That turned out perfectly! You look like a cross between them both!


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