The Powder Room

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hello Everyone!!
Sorry for my disappearance ... And for the lack of blogging.. I know i promised some how tos.. but Since then I was recently contacted by and they wanted me to review their pin curler... so I was waiting for the tool to come in that way i can do my how to and use the cool sculptor pin curler! So I have just received it 3 days ago! And it is amazing ..Ill post up some pics of it in my next post....
But since then I found a new job at a new salon...I really love it!!! I have my business cards and so far so good!! I work at a 'Aveda' salon so everything is very natural!  But I have been shopping and I found some coool stuff that even I amaze my self!! hahahaha!!!

.....yep..and they fit... guess how much...... 12!!! :O

This speaks for its self!! I found a Lustre Cream Shampoo!!! AHHHHHHHH

A 1960's bag from Jcpennys and it had the tag on when i got it!!

Well Vintage lovers!! Ill See ya next post when I review the sculptor pin curler and do my Liz Taylor hair how to / sort of what i do for my hair ...and my 30's poofy hair!
Love you all as always
I'm almost to 500 followers!! WOO!!!
-Miss Amethyst