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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Veronica Lake Siren 1940's Waves (5 minutes!!!)

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
This Hair How to is for all you vintage vixens..and even silent era lovers hair how to!!! Its SO easy to recreate!!! This wave goes great in any era thru the 20's to early 60's!!!
What you need:
*(Your hair to be in some what of a set or curled with the curling iron)
2) Duck Bill Clips
3) A Rat tail Comb
4) Mega hold hair spray

1) You can either curl your hair with the iron or even a set ..or if you can still use this on your 2 day set.

**A Rat tail comb, hair spray, & duck bill clips***

2)Comb out your set. Dont be afraid to comb your hair!!!

3)Part your hair in a deep side part and comb your hair back 1-2 inches away from the part.

4)Clip it with a duck bill Clip

5)Then comb your hair toward your face.

6)Make sure your getting somewhat of a Backwards S Shape

7)Clip your hair like so.

8) The for the rest of the hair brush your hair back again. Clip it in the middle of the ear or just below it.

9) It should look like this ..( you can also make tighter waves!) I prefer to do the looser waves.
The Hair spray where you clipped at. ( Don't be afraid to give your hair a good spray with it!!) Hair spray is the key to this look!

10) Then Take the clips out!! Easy as that!!!
Finished look!!!
 I wear this hair style alot ... And it lasts me from 6 am to 7pm until I brush my hair!!!

****Be glamorous add a little something sparkle in your hair for a special occasion!!! ****

I hope you enjoyed my hair style how to !! Every since I figured this out !! It make forties waves SO easy!!! You will love this trick!!! I use this trick all the time with my clients who want that starlet wave!!!
If you have trouble with recreating this hair style..please feel free to ask question!!
More Hair How To's to come!!!
Love As Always!!
Miss Amethyst


  1. I put your technique to use today, with great results. Thanks!

  2. Aww Thanks!!
    I did this hair style on my aunt!! Pictures are soon to come!!

    Nicole Needles- Great!! Take pics!!!


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