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Friday, October 7, 2011

I Love My Job!!!

Recently my little town had a fashion week. One of the looks was the 1950's ( I was soo excited that they choose that for one of the looks..soo of course mio' had the 1950's look!!) ! My work ended up in the newspaper!!! Which i have to get a picture of it to post it very soon!!

My town also celebrated a local fashion designer from the 50's Clarie McCardell , it was fabulous to look at her designs and ads!! No to mention her fab clothes!!!!

I wanted to show you a one of my "Masterpieces" in hair! This lovely lady wanted a 1950's look with a rockabilly twist!! So I did long layers and a cute 50's fringe. Then for color , I did 2 foils of lightener for a blonde piece in her fringe. Then I colored her hair in a rich Natural Red. This is how it looks!!
I was very pleased with the color and cut!!!

Doesn't she look absolutely Fab!!!

What was your favorite cut and color someone did on you??!

Please share!!
Miss Amethyst


  1. I've been cutting and dying my own hair since I was 13 (about 15 years ago! yikes!) and was super into punk rock, so I've had some crazy styles over the years. The dye job I am most proud of is when I did my hair white with purple leopard spots (my hair was about an inch long then, so the spots were easy to do). I currently sport jet black hair with an (unintentionally) periwinkle blue stripe in my bangs, and my hair has some layers. I have a false middy-- same idea, but not as many layers as a true middy. Hopefully that makes sense. This is the only haircut I've had that hasn't had an "awkward" stage in it. It looks good shorter, it looks good longer, and is easy to style at any length.

  2. I am so distressed about my current hair butchering... I cannot even about it.

    I so wish I could be one of your clients. It is such a joy and so exciting to watch you create hairstyles. There is such an art to it and so few hairdressers in Australia have the kind of interest and skills that you have in recreating beautiful hairstyles of yesteryear.

    Keep up the amazing work and posts.



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