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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Month of Vintage Shopping!!

Hello Everyone!!
So me and my family have been doing quite the bit of shopping!! Vintage Yard Sales..Clothing Bags for $5..etc!!!
Its been really fun!!! We got so many great deals... pppsttt and some of the vintage steals was free!!!
This is not including all of the 50's and 60's outfits that my dad got. My mom got allot of 50's cocktail dresses from the early 60's for $8!!!!

So here we go!!!

My 1940's -1950's blouses and sweaters!!!!

1940's dragon shirt $2!!!!

My Vintage 1950's swim wear!! All under $10

I was freaking out that I found a 1940's high wiast black chorus girl shorts for $5

A Gift from Venus On The Half Shell 1940's teal and black silk robe!!! Very Film Noir

Check out the button's!!!

1940's pink and lace robe

House jackets!!!

Cocktail Dresses!!! Red one a gift from my aunt !!!

Snow white!!!!

Vintage Jewels!!!

Cocktail purses and A Makeup vintage suit case bag and a 1940's brown suit case!!!

Some more cocktail dresses!! Red one Has a built in petticoat!!

Gold Button's!!!

...Theres more.... My moms finds and my dads finds!! But When I think about it everything was less than 10.00!! Bargain Hunters!! ha ha!!!
Whats did you buy that was a great deal!! Share
I'm all about finding great vintage for great prices!!

Love as always
Miss Amethyst


  1. Oh, I'm green with envy!! What amazing finds! The two swimsuits are so adorable!!

  2. Wow-Wee! You and your family did great! I haven't been on the hunt for 2 weeks now and it's killing me! Although, my mom has and she found alot of old jewelry but they're for her. My oh My, you wouldn't believe how much I begged her.

  3. That stuff is awesome! That blue and white swimsuit is the bomb.

    Mabel Time

  4. What amazing goodies!! I really like the robes and swimsuits =)

  5. Wow it's so nice that your parents look out for stuff for you!

  6. Drooool that is the biggest jack pot I have ever seen.Great deals.I can't even find vintage clothing .Most places around here have just hats and gloves.So jealous.Love all the tops and sweaters and the robes are amazng.Good job..


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