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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Interveiw With Dita Von Teese

A Email Interview With The Glamorous
 Dita Von Teese

What are your Go-to hair products?
 I can't live without my hot rollers and my Mason Pearson boar-bristle brush.
What's your favorite foundation (makeup brand)?
I love L'Oreal True Match N1 and Dior Capture Totale foundation. 
What's your favorite beauty ritual?
I love the process of getting myself ready backstage before a show. I always do it myself, I love the process, the transformation, and having that time alone to think through my show.

What sort of advise would you tell someone if they first started dressing vintage , and they might be a little hesitant?

Dressing vintage is a great way to look chic on a budget. It's the reason I started dressing vintage...I couldn't afford designer clothes. Looking at magazines can be a great way to see what kinds of references are taken from vintage. Many of the world's  best designers visit the same vintage shops I go to and they get inspiration from what they see, and even bring cameras and sketch books to take notes. 

Who was your biggest style star from the 40's and 50's?

I always liked 1940s era technicolor musicals. Any film with Betty Grable and/or Carmen Miranda is full of sumptuous, glorious beauty, clothes and pure glamour! I would certainly count Betty Grable at the top of my list for beauty icons! 

Thanks soo much answering my questions!!

Miss Amethyst


  1. I Love Dita! now that I think, you lool like her! both beautiful!!

  2. amazing interview. thanks for that!
    dita is very inspiring. ♥

  3. Great interview Dita is such an inspiration!!

  4. OMG did you actually ask her those questions? I figured it was an interview she had given to some magazine. Well done, lady!

  5. Brilliant that she answered your questions she is wonderful.x

  6. Thanks ladies!! I know she is such a great inspriation to everyone that loves Vintage!!!
    She is wonderful!!!

    Miss Tallulah Porkchop- Yes she did!!! I was super surpirsed that she answered those questions for me!! I sent it to her fan mail. I was sooo excited!!!

  7. Fantastic interview, so great she responded to your email!


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