The Powder Room

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nail Polishes, Pincurls Clips, Bobbypins... Oh my!!!

 "The girl just kept cleaning?! " - Unknown

Hello Vintage Lovers!
Since Im in the beauty business, I have to be very organized with my tools.Making them look neat , and pretty to the eye. So I hate organizers that are plain.... ugly...and none vintage! Although some store did come out with a 'shabby chic' organizer ...but I didnt want anything that some one else has.
So I created a solution ... vintage of course!
My 3 problems was bobby pins, pin curl clips, and nail polishes.... they can be a tad bit messy when you dont know where to put them at.
Here Is my solution:

1) Nail Polishes ( For those who display them)

Vanity Trays

How does it look: Chic!

2) & 3) Pin curl Clips & Bobby pins
(I don’t like to combine my pin curl clips with my bobby pins. I like to keep them separate.) And if it does come with a box... it’s often not pretty enough to display)

Solution: Vintage Candy Tins & Powder Jars
(I do recommend sanitizing and disinfecting them) haha!!

How does it look: Like a girl who like to organize smart!

How does my vanity at the Powder Room Look Like:
A Success!!

Hope this was helpful!
Have any questions?
Please comment me or email me.... I love feed back!

Glimmer and Glamour,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Dream Of Silk Quilt....

I found a new love......

So I'm recently really getting into the silk quilt house coats!!! Its very useful...its like the vintage 'snuggie' in a way.... hahaha!!! I recently purchased this lovely teall one and a peach one with brown lace~!! :O my friend found it ..she was going to sell it to a vintage store... I shrieked and practically begged her for it!! hahahaha!!!
I recently was searching online and I am so house coat jealous ...check it out..

PS: By the way... if i haven't posted the hair how tos for the Liz and the 30's hair how to ...they are currently being of them is being currently bleach to white and the other is being currently colored to black /brown.

Love As Always Miss Amethyst

Until my Lovely friends are being colored ...
Stay tune:
The Very Vintage Way to Organize your Beauty Tools

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Cutest...

.....must I explain why? :)

love as always
Miss Amethyst

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Looks thru out the years ....

The years have gone by......

Starting from 2004- 2012

Braces......... Little girl.....

The start of me modeling

Growing my hair ..... until I cut it 4 inches off

Now....current day.....

....I wonder what I will look like another 6 years from now.....
guess Ill see soon ;)

Miss Amethyst

Recent Wish List!!!

I am just dying to have my hair like her!!! Step one grow my hair out!

Currently searching for a 'Lustre Cream ' Shampoo bottle to display with my 'Lustre Cream ads' in the powder room .... :)

I currently found a cute compact  that i purchased.... So I cant wait to have a snap of me looking into it like this lovely picture!!!

Seventeen Mag still inspires me.... Just look at the lovely dresses!!! I really want the orange one!!!!

I cant wait till spring comes!!!! I know I have some trips this year and that means new vintage shops to looks at and thrift shops !!!! :)

Bathing suit season cant wait!!! :)

Come one.... this one is a must.... Its a need + a want.... in all its vintage glory!!!!

Last But not least
The most adorable couple~!!!


Have a Lovely Day!!!!
Miss Amethyst

Next Posts are
  • Elizabeth Taylor Hair
  • Outfit Post
  • 1930's Starlet Hair ( In its Poofy Glory!)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This & That.....

 Got this adorbale Mag Rack for 2 dollars the local thrift store this week! 1950's gold... could not resist!!!!

 Be A Doll !!! I just love my 50's doll!!! 75 cents....????!!!

 5 New vintage Necklaces all $1.... all from 1960

 A girl with out jewls is like the night with out Stars!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OTD ~ Teachers Pet

Outfit of the Day!!
I feel more like a teacher with this outfit, hahaha!!! Today is a bit chilly so I thought I should wear a sweater!
Swear -Vintage a gift from a friend
Skirt- vintage a gift from my grandma
Belt- thrifted

Love As Always
Miss Amethyst

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Liz Taylor Date Ready Makeup

( Hahaha!!! First My Camera has really bad lighting for some reason the flash was crazy ...and excuse my PJ'S and hair...i just woke up ROFL!!! :)

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!
I have been promising a Liz Taylor inspired look. (note this is inspired.... not the actual thing )
Great look for a date. Its a blue and brownish grey smokey eye look, which is the makeup look that I usually do every day. It looks good with my coloring. It makes blues eyes pop out!

Liz Taylor's Colors where:

Eye Shadow: Brown, Grey, White, Blue & Purple
Checks : Pink or Peach
Lips: Peach, Pink , or Soft Red
Liner and Lashes : Dark Brown to Black


What you need!

Clean Face!!! EKKK

Once you primed your face with primer and foundation apply a blue eyeshadow

Make sure its well blended you mainly want to have a "Wash of Blue" to create make my blue eyes pop out.

Next you are going to mix the charcoal grey and the brown eye shadows together.

Apply the eyeshadow mix on your crease and slightly on your lash line

Next apply your highlighter

Apply it right on your brow bone

Next fill in your eyebrows... with a soft black matte shadow with a angle brush

 ( I really don't need much filling.. I have already really thick dark brows to begin with hahahah)

Next apply a pinkish peach blush on your checks

Eyeliner Time

Apply medium line on your upper lash line. Don't wing it out to much ...just a flick that's  all.

With your angle Brush connect both lines to create a cat eye illusion. Apply the dark periwinkle shadow to tear ducks.

 Apply Mascara

 This is the finish look with the Eyes. It really makes blue eyes pop, but in a sultry way
 Next Apply your lips stick on I did a light Peachy Mauve
I already have a freckle on my check but if you do to ...enhance it a bit or if you don't draw one on it will maximize your Liz look.

Finished Look

Hope you all enjoyed it... Its Not perfect it at all soo sorry!!!
Love As Always
Miss Amethyst