The Powder Room

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


When I seen these shoes, I went to heaven!!!!
1940's T strap teal shimmery gold and blue striped peep toe shoes!!!
I knew theses had to be mine when I tried them on!..
It was like Cinderella ..they fit!!!
Now I really cant wait till Spring/ Summer comes!!!...
Miss Amethyst


  1. They are béautiful!

    I, myself, just bought me a pair of 1940s reproduction platform pumps, and I can't stand it's winter and extremely cóld! I want to wear them soooo bad.

  2. They are so pretty! I got some new shpes recently too :) Nothing better to cheer you up ! xo

  3. Gorgeous shoes... not what I'd called t-strap - unless it's detatchable? In any case, I am jealous of your shoes. I never find vintage in my giant size and have to settle for repro.

  4. They are so the color.I think everyone should come to South Carolina where it's 68 degrees and sunny..:)

  5. It is always a happy moment when you find a gorgeous pair of shoes - and they fit ... like a glove (?). nd these sure are some pretty shoes. One of my fave colours.


  6. Those are adorable!
    I'm still looking for a 1940s pair of peep toe shoes myself - I want platforms ones, but those are unfortunately sooooo expensive.
    My blog.

  7. Lovely and gorgeous! They look fresh, classy and with a lot of style... and these shade of blue is my favorite color of all too.
    I've kept some of my grandma's shoes, they're of 50's and beautiful, but unfortunately they don't fit me, because I have bigger foot than she had; I can only watch them, I've resigned myself :(.
    But those ones are prefect for this coming season, and I can't wait to see you wearing them, and in addition to this, a cute outfit :).

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