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Monday, February 6, 2012

Black & Pink Outfit of The Day!

Hello Vintage Lovers!
This is been my fav outfit that is sooo comfortable and looks SO adorable!!!
I usually wear it when I don't feel like putting lipstick on .. I know SIN :) hahaha
So My.... Cardi -Canon hill vintage shop
Black and white checkered petal pants - Thrifted
White Bow in hair - Venus on the Halfshell vintage
 Belt- thrifted
Cami..... my moms.. hahaha

 Me relaxing in my Vintage Room!! YA!!!!!

This year I really want a furry pet!!! Kitty...perhaps!!! ...?

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* Perfect Red Lips

Love As Always
Miss Amethyst


  1. Aw! Your outfit is precious!! Also, your hair and makeup is most glamorous as it always is! ((:

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  3. Love the trousers, In one of my favorite Marilyn Monroe photos she is wearing a pair exactly the same :) xxx


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