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Friday, February 24, 2012

Nail Polishes, Pincurls Clips, Bobbypins... Oh my!!!

 "The girl just kept cleaning?! " - Unknown

Hello Vintage Lovers!
Since Im in the beauty business, I have to be very organized with my tools.Making them look neat , and pretty to the eye. So I hate organizers that are plain.... ugly...and none vintage! Although some store did come out with a 'shabby chic' organizer ...but I didnt want anything that some one else has.
So I created a solution ... vintage of course!
My 3 problems was bobby pins, pin curl clips, and nail polishes.... they can be a tad bit messy when you dont know where to put them at.
Here Is my solution:

1) Nail Polishes ( For those who display them)

Vanity Trays

How does it look: Chic!

2) & 3) Pin curl Clips & Bobby pins
(I don’t like to combine my pin curl clips with my bobby pins. I like to keep them separate.) And if it does come with a box... it’s often not pretty enough to display)

Solution: Vintage Candy Tins & Powder Jars
(I do recommend sanitizing and disinfecting them) haha!!

How does it look: Like a girl who like to organize smart!

How does my vanity at the Powder Room Look Like:
A Success!!

Hope this was helpful!
Have any questions?
Please comment me or email me.... I love feed back!

Glimmer and Glamour,


  1. Hey where would you but the pretty vintage boxes ??
    It looks great so elegant
    from Georgia
    of "The life and times of a vintage eccentric"

  2. You would put them on your vanity display... even like putting it in your dresser....
    you can get those pretty boxes in like ebay or a flee market.

  3. Thankyouxx

  4. I love the idea of storing bobby pins in vintage containers! It's a great excuse to invest in a bunch.(:


  5. I'm in the process of organizing my vanity in a similar way. Great inspiration!


  6. Adorable! I was just at an antique store today and did not buy anything as that idea had not popped into my head! I know for next time! Thank you!

  7. Great ideas! I've also seen people store their nail polish in vintage spice racks but this is a much chicer look :)

  8. I just discovered your blog and it's amazing :). I love to see there are more teenagers/young adults out there that love vintage as much as I do. You have very much nail polish ;).Would you like to follow my blog, too ?

  9. Oh! The jars re just so cute, I'm a bit obsessesed with jars and have them everywhere in my little apartment ^^

  10. I love your vanity storage solutions. SO CHIC and CLASSY. I have that same 1940s vanity tray and I store my perfume bottle on it. You make me want to paint my bedroom the palest shade of pink, but my husband would probably have a fit if I even recommended it to him.

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