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Monday, February 13, 2012

Recent Wish List!!!

I am just dying to have my hair like her!!! Step one grow my hair out!

Currently searching for a 'Lustre Cream ' Shampoo bottle to display with my 'Lustre Cream ads' in the powder room .... :)

I currently found a cute compact  that i purchased.... So I cant wait to have a snap of me looking into it like this lovely picture!!!

Seventeen Mag still inspires me.... Just look at the lovely dresses!!! I really want the orange one!!!!

I cant wait till spring comes!!!! I know I have some trips this year and that means new vintage shops to looks at and thrift shops !!!! :)

Bathing suit season cant wait!!! :)

Come one.... this one is a must.... Its a need + a want.... in all its vintage glory!!!!

Last But not least
The most adorable couple~!!!


Have a Lovely Day!!!!
Miss Amethyst

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  1. Growing out your hair? I would kill for your current hair!

    That hat is HOT!

    I'll take the dogs in the first pic. :)


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