The Powder Room

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love this???? ...Try this!!!!

So we all know that we tend to do the same things over and over again...
Same goes with our beauty routine!
So this season I decided to give a little twist in our comfortable hair and makeup looks!
1) Love 'Lotta Body'????
Try: Aveda 'Brillant' Styling Gel
( Not on y s it Way more natural but it still give you the shine and hold you need for your set...also it smells SO refreshing!!!)
2) Love Red Lipstick with pink checks?
Try: Cinnamon lipstick and a bronzed cheek
( Yes we all know the classic shades for our favorite look is pink cheeks and red lipsticks but these warm shades for the fall and winter can actually compliment fragile skin tones. But it also gives this sexy Film Nior Vixen appeal)

3) Love Side Parts??
Try: A Middle Part
( Change up your look for a day and sport the dreaded middle part if styled right it will actually bring more attention to your eyes! Remember side part brings more attention to your cheekbones)

4) Love Tight Curls???
Try: To Loosen Up
( Sometimes when we pin curl or hair it tends to be extremely wavy or curly.... try to loosen p with curl by roller setting it or larger pin curl set. That way you can have a more Carefree look.)

Loves As Always
Miss Amethys

Monday, September 24, 2012

...and you thought I left....

And making people Vintage pinups day by day!!!!....
I missed you guys :(

( i look very unvintage todaybut alas i was tired!!!!)

Any one up for a how to!
Love as always
Miss Amethyst