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Monday, August 29, 2011

Styling Hair Problems.... Fixed!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
I have been getting lots of questions about hair lately. I thought I would answer them for you all today!

1) Why am I getting marks or fuzz (frizz) on the ends of my hair when I brush my hair? How do I get rid of them?


When you pin curl your hair make sure you don't wind. You start from the end of your hair creating a circle and wrapping it up to the base ( head). When you pin your pin curl clips make sure that you pin on top of the curl and the the pin curl clip body goes on the curl. like so .. ( look closely on how i do pin curls on pictures below)

If all else fails Its perfects ok to go over the curl with the curling iron and pin it again until it cools. For the frizz , your hair is need of a  good conditioning treatment. If your hair is not shiny you probably need either a shine ( which is like color but clear) or just a shine spray.

2) Whats a good way to disguise your hair roots If you are in need of hair color?


Well of course the answer should be color but what if you are getting your color in a week and you have roots? Answer is Hair Ornaments!!! I always say Wear something so pretty that they look at your hair Flower not your roots. :) I don't recommend  hair mascara wands, they actually create a problem if you want to color your hair because they have a residue /coating that prevents the hair color to sink in.

Look At this awesome hair clip!!!

3) What If I have a Edgy/ Modern Day Hair Cut, When I pin curl my hair it just goes into curls nothing vintage? How could I get my hair to look like from the 40's 50's?

Allot of us have a modern day hair cuts. Sometimes when we do pin curls it just goes into curls. Especially if you have short layers on long hair.  That were bobby pins and hair spray are going to be your best friends.
I find that if you do up do like for instance Pin curl your hair brush it out . Then twist your hair back up and secure with bobby pins leaving the top curly. Then in the front adding 3  small styled pin curls on one side of the part with a reverse victory rolls , can create the illusion of a well styled 40's 50's look.It doesn't have to be perfect. Sometimes imperfections like tighter curls on one side can create this cute young vibe to a sophisticate look.  If you look at the pictures of their hair to ... its basically modern as well ..for example 'The Middy' hair cut has a lot of layers almost looks somewhat like a shag. So don't worry!!
Here are some cute up dos that a very simple if you know how to do pin curls.

Hope everything was answered! If you have any other questions...
 Please feel free to ask!

Miss Amethyst

Quick and Easy 5 mintue Esther Williams Hair Style

This  my  Esther Williams Hair How To on her famous braids she worn in her 1940's movies!!
I want to warn you dolls....
While I was doing this how to ...this was my first time too!
So this is not perfect .... So I will say this is more inspired by Esther Williams 1940's.
This hair do is perfect for the Fall and for the Summer!!
Perfect for medium to long hair!

What you need : Hair spray, Bobby pins, Pony Tail Bands.

So Here is the set for this hair style... If you don't want to set your hair that is perfectly fine.

I braided it three braids to add a wavy texture when brushed out.

A Crown of Pin curls going  clock wise

Sleep in the set or go under the dryer until its completely dry

Brush your hair out and part your hair which every way you part and add a bobby pin like so in the picture above.

Leaving the sides out from the ear and behind split your hair in half in the back as shown in the picture. Tie a rubber band and tuck everything under secure with bobyypins

Braid the two section below.

Cross them and pin them in place

For the Top Braid the two like you did on the bottom and pin!!

A Look from The Top! Hair spray your hair !!

You can add a cute flower to your hair a head scarf! Have Fun with my  1940's inspired by Esther Williams 5 Minute Hair style!

Hope you love it
 If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Miss Amethyst

Monday, August 22, 2011

August Blog Of The Month: "Call Me Lucille"


Whats not to love about her!!??! Shes a vintage hair dresser in training ...(like me) ....! She has the prettiest hair dos, adorable pup named Inka, and a fabulous wardrobe!!
Check out her blog!!

Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

Chipmunk Cheeks Goes Shopping!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!

Yes, since having all my wisdom teeth all pulled out,  I have very very very swollen cheeks!!!
Its very Funny!!!
I rested in for 2 days so I deserve a little vintage shopping  treat!! :)
Before I do that I thought it would be quite humourous to show you guys how swollen I look!
Here Are my Sick Pictures!! ...
I look sooo swollen, and my lips look so funny too!!!!!!!!! My mom did my hair in my 'The Pink Retro Powder Room' , I was Way to tired to do my own hair. She decided to do soft finger waves on me. It turned out great!! I was also Way to tired to put makeup up...So I only have mascara.... :( So UN glamorous! But I did had a cute vintage outfit!
A Green button down Floral Vintage 1950's Shirt
My Freddies High Waist Jeans

:( iceing my cheeks

WOOOOAH !!! Swollen to the max!! HAHA

Ok now that we seen my very funny swollen pictures...Now lets get on to my vintage delights that I found!

BEACH Purses!!! I love all of these hand bags all from the late 50's early 60's!! I love to pair them up with my playsuits, sundresses, and bathing suits!!! They are a MUST HAVE!!!


Ok So ALL Of these pruse are from the 1950's and all are...... $2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not resist!!!! They are so perfect with a cute cocktail dress!!

Look At how the white one opens up!!! Itsnt it so neat!!!!

A Cute Vintage Mink Fur collar To add A Glamourous Touch to any sweater or coat.... A Knitt Vintage Pea Hat For the Fall/ Winter !! So Bette Davis.. !!! Then I got 2 Blommers!!! Me and my mom got ispired by the under grments that the cast 'The Women' worn undertheir clothes! Ala Joan Crawford!!

Then Cute Vintage Earrings / Brooch!! All... yes $1!!!!

A Hot Pink 1950's vintage Fall Wiggle Dress & 1960's Happy Aline dress . Thank you so much 'On A Whim ' For thinking of me!!! I love it!!! Check them out :

My mama found a cute 1950's wiggle dress for only $7!!!!!!!!

Close up on my dresses!

1950's " I love Lucy ' (Ethel Dress)

1950's school girl black and white woll swing skirt ....$5~~~~

These arent vinage but they are so cute!!!

Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn!!!

Every Day Coat vintage 1950's mink wool coat.... ok Ladies I cant believe the price Im going to tell you I got this!!...... $10 !!!!!!!  YES!~~~ AMAZING!!!!

A Little Addition to my Powder Room

Isnt this hankie Just Darling????

Haha!! Hope You had A Good Laugh!!!
Love As Always
Miss Amethyst

Sunday, August 21, 2011

No More Wisdom Teeth...

Sorry for the lack of blogging!

2 Days ago I got my wisdom teeth taken out, So I'm here with swollen checks!
I have so many Hair how tos and Makeup how tos downloaded into my computer! So I really Cant wait to show them here's a sneak peak

Esther Williams 5 minute hair how to

Liz Taylor 5 Minute Make Up

Liz Taylor Hair How To

 I have the COOLEST Trick on how to get holly wood dream finger waves with in 5 Minutes!!! Its SO crazy easy!!!!I cant wait to show you guys!!!

I will do that on my Veronica Lake Long Hair How To!!!

Have A Very Vintage Day
-Miss Amethyst

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Drivers Test Pictures!!!

..."If they are distracted with my pretty dress, then I'll pass for sure... " - Miss Amethyst

Daddy & Me

I was Way to excited that I didn't care how I looked!!!

-Miss Amethyst

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Navy Blue Sweet Bombshell Dress

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!
YAY!!! I found my camera!!!
I wanted to show you my navy blue dress!!
Its sooo adorable!! It has the sweet bombshell neckline!! I love it!! Vintage 1950's at a antique shop Cannon Hill  "Old Hat Vintage" that was having a 40% off sale!! WOOHOO I got many more vintage goodies though!!!!
Check it out my dress!!
Hope you like it!
*Oh my hair looks allot shorter because I did a completely different hair set so it might look extra short.... :)

my eyebrows look weird on the left side haha!!! It looks cut off!

Messy ...but pretty messy! :)
Love as always Tootles
Miss Amethyst