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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Navy Blue Sweet Bombshell Dress

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!
YAY!!! I found my camera!!!
I wanted to show you my navy blue dress!!
Its sooo adorable!! It has the sweet bombshell neckline!! I love it!! Vintage 1950's at a antique shop Cannon Hill  "Old Hat Vintage" that was having a 40% off sale!! WOOHOO I got many more vintage goodies though!!!!
Check it out my dress!!
Hope you like it!
*Oh my hair looks allot shorter because I did a completely different hair set so it might look extra short.... :)

my eyebrows look weird on the left side haha!!! It looks cut off!

Messy ...but pretty messy! :)
Love as always Tootles
Miss Amethyst


  1. OH what a gorgeous dress, the neckline and bow are just so sweet!

    And your hair! WOW! With it set this way you look older, more sophisticated and a bit sassy (which is a good thing)!!

  2. Wow, You look Gorgeous, very Liz Taylor!
    and the Dress is Darlin'! :)

  3. Vary cute at such a bargain which is always a plus!!

  4. what a pretty dress! i love that tiny little bow detail :)


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