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Monday, August 22, 2011

Chipmunk Cheeks Goes Shopping!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!

Yes, since having all my wisdom teeth all pulled out,  I have very very very swollen cheeks!!!
Its very Funny!!!
I rested in for 2 days so I deserve a little vintage shopping  treat!! :)
Before I do that I thought it would be quite humourous to show you guys how swollen I look!
Here Are my Sick Pictures!! ...
I look sooo swollen, and my lips look so funny too!!!!!!!!! My mom did my hair in my 'The Pink Retro Powder Room' , I was Way to tired to do my own hair. She decided to do soft finger waves on me. It turned out great!! I was also Way to tired to put makeup up...So I only have mascara.... :( So UN glamorous! But I did had a cute vintage outfit!
A Green button down Floral Vintage 1950's Shirt
My Freddies High Waist Jeans

:( iceing my cheeks

WOOOOAH !!! Swollen to the max!! HAHA

Ok now that we seen my very funny swollen pictures...Now lets get on to my vintage delights that I found!

BEACH Purses!!! I love all of these hand bags all from the late 50's early 60's!! I love to pair them up with my playsuits, sundresses, and bathing suits!!! They are a MUST HAVE!!!


Ok So ALL Of these pruse are from the 1950's and all are...... $2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not resist!!!! They are so perfect with a cute cocktail dress!!

Look At how the white one opens up!!! Itsnt it so neat!!!!

A Cute Vintage Mink Fur collar To add A Glamourous Touch to any sweater or coat.... A Knitt Vintage Pea Hat For the Fall/ Winter !! So Bette Davis.. !!! Then I got 2 Blommers!!! Me and my mom got ispired by the under grments that the cast 'The Women' worn undertheir clothes! Ala Joan Crawford!!

Then Cute Vintage Earrings / Brooch!! All... yes $1!!!!

A Hot Pink 1950's vintage Fall Wiggle Dress & 1960's Happy Aline dress . Thank you so much 'On A Whim ' For thinking of me!!! I love it!!! Check them out :

My mama found a cute 1950's wiggle dress for only $7!!!!!!!!

Close up on my dresses!

1950's " I love Lucy ' (Ethel Dress)

1950's school girl black and white woll swing skirt ....$5~~~~

These arent vinage but they are so cute!!!

Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn!!!

Every Day Coat vintage 1950's mink wool coat.... ok Ladies I cant believe the price Im going to tell you I got this!!...... $10 !!!!!!!  YES!~~~ AMAZING!!!!

A Little Addition to my Powder Room

Isnt this hankie Just Darling????

Haha!! Hope You had A Good Laugh!!!
Love As Always
Miss Amethyst


  1. Well you must be one of the few ladies who can still look gorgeous with swollen cheeks! Your hair is absolutely divine xx

  2. Awww! I had all of my wisdom teeth out at once too. It's usually a quick healing time. I don't know about you, but I was SO loopy after I woke up from the surgery. *lol*
    I love all of your finds. Those purses are amazing and what a great deal too. Your purple shoes are super cute!!

  3. Aw! Poor you! You still look Lovely! I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out two in like a month I am reeeally scared! I love all your finds

  4. You poor doll =( but at least you look fabulous as always and all these goodies are divine!!

  5. Kate O- Awwww Thank you!!!! haha!!!!..thanks to my wonderful mama for doing my hair!!!

    Brittany_Va-VoomVintage- Wow!! Same with me!!! I decided just to take the shots , instead of the "laughing gas" but before I got my surgery they perscribed me with some pills to really relax me... haha!! woah!!! I was soooooo loopy like, I was telling my mom that I love a guy... that I saw on the Newspaper!!I was also singing!!!!! LOL

    Young Vintage Girl- Aww thanks!!! Dont worry, I was freaking out to! But you'll be surprised how quick it goes! But you will be swollen!! Just eat lots of ice cream ;)

  6. Hep Kitten- Aww thanks !!! :D haha!! it was really fun shopping for them!!!

  7. I just purchased a very similar beach purse this week to the one you showed first ("Beauty"). In fact I'm almost positive they were created by the same people because the design, colour, shape and clasp are almost exactly the same. Mine only had a tag saying "1950's vintage" and I'm very curious on who made it? Did your purse have further details? I really wish I could share a picture with you. Great taste in purses! hehehe

  8. Aww, I remember having my wisdom teeth out. It was brutal (and I had 5! There was an extra one hiding out in there :) You totally deserve a shopping spree.

  9. Did they put your under for your teeth? I tried to save money by having one extracted with me on laughing gas, and that was such a dumb decision.
    Laughing gas is no more effective than a sense of apathy.
    Anyway, you look cute with your chipmunk cheeks.

  10. Joellyn- Hey there! no I decided not to.... I decided to just take the shots but they gave me pills that made me loopy and really relaxed. But it was a piece of cake when they took the first two on top...but on the bottom two since my wisdom teeth was right next to a nerve...lets just say PAINFUL!!! they put more numbing shots on my the bottom of my mouth... Aww thanks!!! :D

  11. You're adorable even with swollen cheeks! I have that same straw handbag, only the flowers on mine are purple and pink. It's a great bag, you're going to love it. Mine doesn't leave my side all summer long.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  12. Hope you're feeling better! And by the way, you still look cute... even with swollen cheeks!

  13. You have the most amazing wardrobe ever; your vintage finds are nothing short of miraculous! Sadly, there are very few vintage shops where I live :o(


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