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Saturday, August 6, 2011

I lost My Camera.... Lets Talk Products

I'm so sorry that I ha vent been blogging lately I lost my camera.... I'm not to sure where its at at the moment... and I'm dieing to show you so many outfit posts and hair how tos that I did! Its very upsetting!!....
I guess I have to bare with trying to find my camera or buy a new one....

Today I wanted to talk about our hair products.
Allot of my readers ask why does my hair curl very well, what do I do different with my hair....
it all starts with our Shampoo & Conditioner

I use Salon Shampoos and Conditioners... ( Red Ken, Matrix, Sexy Hair)
Before I went to school I used drugstore products .. because they were inexpensive and they smelled really good . Sometimes not that often... I would use salon products.
But once I went to school I learned that it is good to use salon products.
It all stems down to the PH Scale.
Allot of non professional shampoos have products that are high in the PH Scale...More Alkaline which is hairs worst enemy. Most of the shampoos and conditioners ingredients in drugstore products are ...Detergent......, yes.... detergent. Which if you have highlights or color treated hair it will eventually fade your color.
I know that professional products are expensive.... but its high quality, And you dont need to use a allot of it which last you longer. Which is amazing! I feel a difference in my hair, Its way more manageable, its soft, very shiny. Even my mom noticed how shiny my hair is.... and it never was this shiny before in my life.
Its ok to buy drugstore products, but once in a while pamper yourself and treat your hair to salon Shampoos and Conditioners :)

Now For Styling Products!

Before (hair set) ..& After Bouncy Vintage Hair

I use for my hair setting lotion 'Lotta Body'!!! Swoon that product is my fave setting spray!!! It doesn't make your hair feel gross( sticky.... etc.) It makes your hair soft, and dazzling!!!
I mix it with water .. My mix ratio is 2/ 1 (more water a little bit less Lotta body) you don't want it too concentrated.

But before I put spray my Lotta body, I put in a shine serum. To add to brilliance of your hair. ( I always ad a little bit of serum probably Bio Silk.... to my clients roller sets) Because if your going under the dryer you want a protection from the heat.

*Brushing your hair when I get out the shower I dont use a paddle brush I use a wide tooth comb to comb out my hair...
For setting my hair I use a rat tooth comb
For brushing out my set I use my fingers and a teasing comb

( Secret! Brush your hair every night! With a boar brush.... Root to end. Why? Because you brush your hair  it isdistributing your hairs natural oils from root to end so when you wake up you have shiner hair!)********************************************

For hair sprays I use
Big Sexy Stay Put Hair Spray...
it speaks for its self! Its s good that if wind blows your hair...Your hair will still look good!

ha ha!!!

Hope you all like my products talk!
I spilled all of my hair product secrets! :) they are now yours!
If you like any products that I havent mentioned tell!

Miss Amethyst

...I hope I find my camera....


  1. That second pic of you looks like a young Liz Taylor...gorgeous!!!

    I use drugstore products as I can't afford others. I do splurge on Shimmer Lights to help fight the brassiness in my blonde hair.

  2. awww thanks!!! Shimmer Lights!! Swoon I love that shampoo!!!!!

  3. I love the
    question what do you think of nexus shampoo?
    My hair is bright red and I was recommended this shampoo.... In your opinion is there something better?

  4. thanks!! i never tried Nexus shampoo.... I feel since you have bright red hair you need to maintain your hair color to make it vibrant not dull... I highley recommend ;
    RedKen Color Extend shampoo and conditioner
    and its not pricey for the shampoo and conditioner since it provides lots of keretin proteins, shine proteins ( humectents).

  5. I will be trying this shampoo..thanks so much !!!
    I also have tried to set my hair with setting lotion, and boy, is it true when u say that it's stick and makes a messy my problem is that when it's time to remove the clamps, my curls r not perfect circles they look like triangles :(


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