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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trying to give my blog a face lift

At the moment I am going to be trying to give my blog a face lift so everything should be done by Sunday, So my blog is going to look really weird . I'm really sorry bout it!!
Miss Amethyst

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Betty Hutton 2) A Very Pin Up -Up Do

Hi All Vintage Lovers,

Here Is The second hair how to for the Betty Hutton hair style! A UP DO!!! This again reminds me so much of a Betty Grable up do but slightly different. :)
The Set is not again particular in the back but in the bang area it is. I think for up do , your hair should be 2 days with out washing. So if you have a hair set that lasted for  2 days, all You have to do is curl the crown  with the curling iron.
Supplies You will need is :
Gel, Bobby pins (large and small), Pin Curl Clips, combs, brush, hairspray
As long in the back of the hair is curled your OK but in the front you should re curl it medium size down ward:)

2 day set. All you have to do is curl down ward on the front of your hair. (since you have 2 day hair set you should still have some body)

After curling the front (let it cool by brushing it out last.)

Take a section and do victory a victory roll (also take out a slice of hair in the front,  where you are going to curl it up and put it in too a pin curl) if you are unsure about victory rolls. Check out my how to on victory rolls

(The victory roll)

Create a pin curl if you have long hair and pin it into the roll. (place the booby pin directly into the roll)

Finish look . Repeat on other side

After you do your rolls. Take a small section from the crown and pin it forward (away from the rest of your hair)

Twist your hair that is down up ward (spray with hair spray!!!!) (place as Manny bobby pins into the twist

Take the tail end of the twist and tease it

Create a roll by the tease and smooth it out

This is how it should look after you smooth it out in the side

Take the section you pined forward and curl it

Tease and smooth each curls and separate it to give a full look

Now for the front (it should be cool by now) Brush it upward

Tease it under neath the side to give extra height and let it fall how ever it wants to

Finish Look!!! It should look like this!!

Side View!! Finish

Again Guys , I'm really really sorry about all the delays on this hair style.I know i took waaay to long for this style. (I just need to schedule when I'm going to post my styles! hehehe) I hope you guys really like it and will try it out. Again If you have any question please ask me!!
Hope You Have A VERY VERY VINTAGE Day!!!
Miss Amethyst

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beauty Glamour and Personality Book, & Vanity

Hello Vintage Lovers!
I thought you might like this post, because today I was reading one of my latest vintage books that i purchased from eBay: 'Beauty Glamour and Personality' From the 1940's

Its really cool book to have because it shows you how to put on makeup step by step with picture, and they used stars such as Lana Turner to demonstrate. They also show you how to exercise, which hair styles look good and so forth. But what really pooped out to me was they said Ever glamorous girl should have a nice neat place to put your makeup on and do your hair. I recently got from a antique store a 1950's vanity that a mirror folds up (where my books are at) and you can store makeup.

I have everything there that I need perfume, Some hankies, cotton ball,  vintage earrings,  makeup you name it. Although it seems a little cluttered ( its a pretty clutter though ha ha)
They said your hair and makeup station should be inspirational, having pictures of ladies who inspire to be! Which i Thought was a nice touch to add!
I was also looking at Dita Von Teese Make up Vanity. And I got really inspired! I just love how people get vanity's and they doll them up!!

although I don't have hats stands ( i have some hats displayed in my room and vintage purses) but they are all in hat boxes. In my closet and underneath my bed. But Its so pretty!! I love to display sparkly items. I did not take a picture of them but i have a white plush board and i have all my vintage brooch gems displayed! ha ha!!
 This spring I am going to paint my room a English rose. Because my room has white antique furniture but has 1960's feel to it!! LOL
But I thought this was pretty cool
Hope you like it!!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

Monday, December 27, 2010

2 Out Fit Posts, And a great style!

Hello my vintage lovers!!
I know it feels like its been fore ever that i blogged about something. And yes, I still have to post the Betty Hutton up do, I have not forgotten about that!!(I'm still editing it) I have been none stop busy!!Me my mommy & daddy are creating a powder room, so we have been painting a small section. I will most def post pictures when we are finished! It could be a month from now. But  I have managed over the last two weeks to try to take a some pictures on my daily outfits LOL!!
And Here Is some of my outfits that I have worn:
60's red purse
60's leopard pill box hat
60's dress in black

me and my auntie
i had on a 50's light brown cardie
with a Burgundy 50's skirt

Last week Lisa tryed out  my victory roll how to! And her rolls look fab!!! Loved it!!
You can view it here. And here is a picture of her awesome hairstyle!!

Have A great Day!!
Miss Amethyst

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Cute Warm Find!!

So yesterday! I got a adorable outfit from local vintage shops! "Old Hat Vintage". A 1940's knit black sweater (i put two blue star vintage 40's rhinestones on it) And A 1940's wool plaid red and black skirt.
The sweater has a cute label that says "Rustin Knitwear" And the skirts label is " Sporteens"
I love it! Because I recently watched A Doris Day 40's film and she had on a outfit just like this when she went ice skating! Cant wait to wear it!!
Have Avery Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

Betty Hutton : 1) Victory Rolls

Hi All Vintage Lovers!
Here is The first how to for the Betty Hutton Hair Do.  Victory Rolls!!!
Before We get into the supplies (I'm very picky about victory rolls so here is how it SHOULDN'T look like
* It shouldn't look like....
- a big pin curl
- lumpy
-a huge doughnut
NO !! it should not look like this! its messy, it almost looks like a BAD pin curl, its not smooth.
*It SHOULD look like....
-Soft and smooth
-A Side Roll With A TINY (to medium size hole)
Victory Rolls are the Pinup hair style! ha ha! There is so much hair styles to create with victory rolls. Most famous person who worn the famous victory roll was  Betty Grable!
So Here Is The Supplies You Need:
Gel, Hairspray, Pin curl clips, Bobby pins, comb , and brush! And To add extra "interest" you can add a bow, hair onrnaments. :)
To this hair set, there not really a particular or preferred hair set to the look but this is what I've done. So i have not added any illustrations on the images to where the direction of the set is, because its all up to hoyou like your hair in the back! :)
The very messy set . LOL , sorry about that, also my new mannequin has very thin hair too. :D

Brush out your hair set. Sometimes when those of you who have fine hair should tease finely underneath your hair to give body.

A pretty wave

I start out my parting a section out for my victory rolls

Tease the section in parts. Remember to put hair spray!

How your section will look when its fully teased

Smooth out your section with a boar bristle hair brush. Don't smooth out inside of the hair only the outside.

Start to roll your hair around your two fingers to get a circle

Very carefully roll it more. Its important to keep your victory rolls nice and up.

Place booby pins in the roll. I use 2 bobby pins one on each end. You should by now be able to smooth your roll even more. If you cant do it with out making it look messy. Then you have not smooth out your tease properly

Your victory roll! Repeat steps on other side!

Here is the second victory roll!

Sometimes if you want to add extra fun to your hair style. Add a Little bow a clip on bird, clip on cherries be fun with it!!

Whoops sorry wrong angle. (make sure it looks nice and neat in the back!! :D
Hope you like my Betty Hutton Victory Roll Hair How To. Sorry for a long delay! I will try not to that again! My second how to is shortly going to come up!
Please if you have any questions, feel free ask me!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Sorry (postpone hair howto end of week)

Hi Vintage Blogger & Lovers
I'm sorry, but due to editing photos, I need to postpone my vintage how tos the end of the week, I know I promised last moday and toady, but there is alot of editing do do, :P I hope you all will understand!
Sorry Again
Miss Amethyst

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cozy Rainy Outfit Post 1960's!

Hello Vintage Lovers!
Every day i dress in the 50's but today, I wanted to do dress up in the 60's! :)

I am wearing:
BBV / (Iron Orchid Vintage): Giveaway purse (I Love this purse it goes with almost everything!! thank you again!!)
Vintage 1960's brown "tippi' swing coat with a touch of fur :)
Vintage 60's gold bow
I also have underneath a 60's knit cranberry dress, and some cute brown tights
(with a hair do to compliment my outfit!) he he
Its been SO cold outside (30's,  it snowed two days ago ...) , I miss the spring and summer!!ha ha
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Posting Monday/Tuesday Hair How To: Betty Hutton

Hello Vintage Lovers
So these two were the hair styles you voted on! So on Monday or Tuesday, I will be posting 2 hair how-to's!!!
Yes 2!!!
So stay tune at the Pink Retro Powder Room
Miss Amethyst

Friday, December 10, 2010

Give Aways!! BBV (Iron Orchid Vintage)

BBV Giveaway!!
Enter NOW!!
Lovely Red vintage hat!!

Miss Amethyst

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Time When We Had Pretty Slips and Night Gowns.....

Hello There Vintage Lovers,
I just wanted to share with you my recent slips and night gown purchases. I just noticed that they don't make under garments  like they did in the past. Like for instance I was looking for slips for some of my dresses, and I wanted colorful ones.... they had none...probably a black or a tan one, but none....
So I can across a Great sale at one of my fave vintage shops And I got some! New too. Also My grandmother (abuelita had saved her black lace corset that she used in the 50's and It fits me!!! ha ha!!
I just wish we can bring back the pretty in dressing up! :)
yellow blue and pink slip, black corset, and a night gown with a jacket overlay set! How cute!!!

Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst