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Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Finds!!! Bargains too!

Hello There Vintage Lovers!
Wanted to show some of my recent purchases! Some ebay finds, yard sales, and some vintage store sell out!
vintage store sell out : orginal price for glasses was $50! ( out of my price range!!) hahaha !but the sweet dealer gave them to me for $5!!!

Ebay steal! A pretty vintage makeup bag!

yard sales finds! My mommy picked themn out for me! red vintage petticoat and a vintage 50's grey blue coat with pearl and gems on the end of the collar

And last but not least the bag I won at Bombshell Betties Vintage, Iron Orchid Vintage! Will post an outfit post soon as possible!! Thank you  Guys!!

Whats your latest purchase?? Good deals! (...Im a bargain hunter hahaha) Tell me about them!!
Miss Amethyst


  1. What bargains and may I add Great finds my sis has a makeup box similar shes a makeup artist. Its probably great to have specially since your studying cosmetology. The coat and petti..are also great that coat has a nice color.Lately I have found 3 hats at an estate sale I got them all for 10.00. Also Congrats on winning!!

  2. Oh how cool that your sister is a makeup artist!
    Thats amazing !! 3 hats!! i loove hats!! great finds!!!


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