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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Betty Hutton 2) A Very Pin Up -Up Do

Hi All Vintage Lovers,

Here Is The second hair how to for the Betty Hutton hair style! A UP DO!!! This again reminds me so much of a Betty Grable up do but slightly different. :)
The Set is not again particular in the back but in the bang area it is. I think for up do , your hair should be 2 days with out washing. So if you have a hair set that lasted for  2 days, all You have to do is curl the crown  with the curling iron.
Supplies You will need is :
Gel, Bobby pins (large and small), Pin Curl Clips, combs, brush, hairspray
As long in the back of the hair is curled your OK but in the front you should re curl it medium size down ward:)

2 day set. All you have to do is curl down ward on the front of your hair. (since you have 2 day hair set you should still have some body)

After curling the front (let it cool by brushing it out last.)

Take a section and do victory a victory roll (also take out a slice of hair in the front,  where you are going to curl it up and put it in too a pin curl) if you are unsure about victory rolls. Check out my how to on victory rolls

(The victory roll)

Create a pin curl if you have long hair and pin it into the roll. (place the booby pin directly into the roll)

Finish look . Repeat on other side

After you do your rolls. Take a small section from the crown and pin it forward (away from the rest of your hair)

Twist your hair that is down up ward (spray with hair spray!!!!) (place as Manny bobby pins into the twist

Take the tail end of the twist and tease it

Create a roll by the tease and smooth it out

This is how it should look after you smooth it out in the side

Take the section you pined forward and curl it

Tease and smooth each curls and separate it to give a full look

Now for the front (it should be cool by now) Brush it upward

Tease it under neath the side to give extra height and let it fall how ever it wants to

Finish Look!!! It should look like this!!

Side View!! Finish

Again Guys , I'm really really sorry about all the delays on this hair style.I know i took waaay to long for this style. (I just need to schedule when I'm going to post my styles! hehehe) I hope you guys really like it and will try it out. Again If you have any question please ask me!!
Hope You Have A VERY VERY VINTAGE Day!!!
Miss Amethyst


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