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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beauty Glamour and Personality Book, & Vanity

Hello Vintage Lovers!
I thought you might like this post, because today I was reading one of my latest vintage books that i purchased from eBay: 'Beauty Glamour and Personality' From the 1940's

Its really cool book to have because it shows you how to put on makeup step by step with picture, and they used stars such as Lana Turner to demonstrate. They also show you how to exercise, which hair styles look good and so forth. But what really pooped out to me was they said Ever glamorous girl should have a nice neat place to put your makeup on and do your hair. I recently got from a antique store a 1950's vanity that a mirror folds up (where my books are at) and you can store makeup.

I have everything there that I need perfume, Some hankies, cotton ball,  vintage earrings,  makeup you name it. Although it seems a little cluttered ( its a pretty clutter though ha ha)
They said your hair and makeup station should be inspirational, having pictures of ladies who inspire to be! Which i Thought was a nice touch to add!
I was also looking at Dita Von Teese Make up Vanity. And I got really inspired! I just love how people get vanity's and they doll them up!!

although I don't have hats stands ( i have some hats displayed in my room and vintage purses) but they are all in hat boxes. In my closet and underneath my bed. But Its so pretty!! I love to display sparkly items. I did not take a picture of them but i have a white plush board and i have all my vintage brooch gems displayed! ha ha!!
 This spring I am going to paint my room a English rose. Because my room has white antique furniture but has 1960's feel to it!! LOL
But I thought this was pretty cool
Hope you like it!!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst


  1. I LOVE your Vanity with all of your hats displayed, I have many ,..but could not think how to display them, Thank You for the inspiration

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