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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Outfit Post By The Harbor!

Hello There Vintage Lovers!!
Couple days ago I went on vaca! So nice! But need to catch up on blogging! :) I manage to take a picture of one of my outfits! The hats is from the 50's 60's vintage. So comfortable and warm! And then a vintage 50's jacket, with a vintage dress. You cant see it because of the coat. Paired off with cute little 50's vintage gloves, and a 50's vintage red handbag.  I was SO chilly  and windy! out in St. Micheal's! But I loved it because all of the vintage shops! Got a lot of stuff! My favorite is a adorable vintage 40's blue pea hat! Very Bette Davis (Dark Victory) ! 

Also this past Thursday I gave my little cousin a haircut! Took of 5 inches!! She wanted it just like Dora The Explorer. But her mommy (my cousin) wanted it shoulder length so I managed to give them what they both wanted! :) A Blunt hair cut with very long bangs!
She is too adorable!! Well I just got my hair cut today! Took of a 1 1/2. So Its refreshed! So I can do the Jane Powell Post tonight!!
Have A VERY Vintage Day!
Miss Amethyst

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  1. I like how all the colors in your outfit match it looks great and your cousin is adorable.


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