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Monday, January 30, 2012

I Love.... Lisa Freemont Street!

~Lisa Freemont Street~

If you havent heard of her... you need to look her up!!!
Talented! Talented!! Talented!!!!

She is an inpriations for all vintage hairdressers!!! Her work is amazing, she has the best vitage hair style howtos, makeup howtos, and product reveiw! Her style is the bee knees!!

Keep up the good work!!!
" Support the roller sets and pincurl glamour!!!"

Much love!
Miss Amethyst

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feeling the Winter Blues

My favorite outfit of mine for the Spring!!! It screams ...Snow White or a young Miss Taylor dress

OH Dear!!!!! I knew this was going to happen again!

As soon as the first month and a half of winter passes by ...i start looking into my spring wardrobe and I start to have the winter blues!!!!

My favorite time of year is spring and summer ...I love wear colorful dresses, flower hats.... basket handbags!!! ...

Since my room is all spring like... I miss the warm sun already!!!!

I know I'm kind of getting a head start but I'm getting  inspired from these 1940's and 50's pictures!
Since my new years resolution is to sew ...maybe I should pick one of these to *try* to make hahaha!!!

Love As Always
Miss Amethyst

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Search is Over!!!!

I've been looking for a 1960's gold shadow mirror box!!!! Alas its here!!!!
To my surprise I cam across 4 vintage wall art!!!! Pink and Cream Poodles!!! And Cream and Gold Ballet Dancers!!!!
A must for a vintage girl!!!!
This is my station!!!!
 cute !!!!! right?!

Much Love Dears!!!
Miss Amethyst

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Swirl Time!!!!

Sunday Swirls For Miss Lady L!!!!
Lovely As Always!!!
*Miss Amethyst

pssssssttt... did ya hear im working at a hair salon & my station is vintage! :) :) infact the whole salon is vintage !!!!

Guest Post: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
By: Jackie Clark

"Sugar, spice and everything nice, that is what girls are made of" This is a phrase that has stood the test of time, and it follows women into every age no matter how old or how young; much like certain items of clothing. Vintage fashion can be held on to, not only because of how well it was made or how good it looks, but sometimes it can be kept because of what it represents. Clothing is merely an accent to the beauty that is within.
As a woman, there are so many beautiful times to experience. There are moments that are as sweet as sugar, just like a woman in a beautiful vintage dress. Classic dresses and flowers in the hair can help any woman feel great about herself. This is not only because vintage fashion is so beautiful, but also because they are designed the highlight the natural beauty of the woman wearing them.
There are some trying times in life. There are some moments that are difficult to recover from such as the pain and fear that comes from asbestos exposure and the damage that it can do to the excitement of life. No on should let these things get them so low that they cannot appreciate the good things in life. After all, it is the spice of life that stands the test of time. Like a vintage diamond or pearl necklace, a feisty woman will endure even the greatest pressures and come out beautiful.
Sometimes that is what creates strength; wisdom, courage and "everything nice" that makes a woman stand tall. Things like vintage high heels can accessorize even the dullest wardrobe and help any woman stand a little taller. Clutch handbags, pillbox hats and bold lipstick can also really complete an outfit, hopefully reminding the woman wearing them that she is complete and a total knockout.
A woman is beautiful, no matter what she may look like outwardly. Even in facing a devastating cancer like mesothelioma, she can be sure that there is still hope and that she is valuable and beautiful as the person that she is. Every woman is unique and special and should feel gorgeous in her own skin.
Beauty is timeless, it is not in the way her body looks or the way she wears her hair. Is it in her sweet character, her spicy taste for life and in everything that makes her an individual? Dressed up in the most authentic vintage clothing or
wearing nothing at all, every woman is divine. Even through the good times, even through the bad times, there is beauty, strength and inspiration inside and out... and that is what girls are made of.

A Note from The Pink Retro Powder Room: I have been very touched by what Miss Jackie Clark wrote!!! Please visit her blog at :
and :

Her email is

Love As Always!!
-Miss Amethyst

Monday, January 9, 2012


Hey Vintage Lovers!!!
So allot has happened this month in January!!!
I passed ALL of my tests!!! Now I can say I'm officially a vintage hair stylist!!!! YA!!! so now off to find a job!!!
But while I was doing that ...( which meant a lack of blogging) My mom and dad, and I was painting my room Pink!!! Remember in my last post I wanted my Room To be a 1950's/ 1940's powder Room kinda look like my bath room and my Powder Room? Well With a Little re arranging... slapping on some paint, can make a BIG Difference..also with some help from Good Will ;) thrifting for my new room!

Before.... Behold my orange walls!!! with beads and fuzzy curtains... and messy messy decorating!!!

OPPPS this picture is sitting the wrong Way.... teeheee!!!


My little something something... from Good Will ... my mom found it!! I was SO thrilled!! A Vintage 1940's bedroom chair!!!


Solonah of Vixen Vintage will be very proud of my Kitty's ;) Good will All for $ 1

I got new curtains!!!! Much more refreshing!!! I got them at Boscovs for $9.00.... it was in the kitchen curtain section ...they have some very vintage bedroom curtains for a lot less!!!

More Shelves!!!
Little Idea... ( Dress up ANY Shelf with Hankies!!!!)

SO.... I was wondering... My green window shades and kinda broken.... I was wondering what color should I get I was thinking maybe a off white.... I'm not sure... I'm also on the hunt for a vintage waste basket, and a vintage picture those Victorian ones!!
So what do you think???
Much progress!!!????
Funny how a little change of color will transform anything!!???
Tell me your thoughts!!
Love as Always
Miss Amethyst