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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guest Post: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
By: Jackie Clark

"Sugar, spice and everything nice, that is what girls are made of" This is a phrase that has stood the test of time, and it follows women into every age no matter how old or how young; much like certain items of clothing. Vintage fashion can be held on to, not only because of how well it was made or how good it looks, but sometimes it can be kept because of what it represents. Clothing is merely an accent to the beauty that is within.
As a woman, there are so many beautiful times to experience. There are moments that are as sweet as sugar, just like a woman in a beautiful vintage dress. Classic dresses and flowers in the hair can help any woman feel great about herself. This is not only because vintage fashion is so beautiful, but also because they are designed the highlight the natural beauty of the woman wearing them.
There are some trying times in life. There are some moments that are difficult to recover from such as the pain and fear that comes from asbestos exposure and the damage that it can do to the excitement of life. No on should let these things get them so low that they cannot appreciate the good things in life. After all, it is the spice of life that stands the test of time. Like a vintage diamond or pearl necklace, a feisty woman will endure even the greatest pressures and come out beautiful.
Sometimes that is what creates strength; wisdom, courage and "everything nice" that makes a woman stand tall. Things like vintage high heels can accessorize even the dullest wardrobe and help any woman stand a little taller. Clutch handbags, pillbox hats and bold lipstick can also really complete an outfit, hopefully reminding the woman wearing them that she is complete and a total knockout.
A woman is beautiful, no matter what she may look like outwardly. Even in facing a devastating cancer like mesothelioma, she can be sure that there is still hope and that she is valuable and beautiful as the person that she is. Every woman is unique and special and should feel gorgeous in her own skin.
Beauty is timeless, it is not in the way her body looks or the way she wears her hair. Is it in her sweet character, her spicy taste for life and in everything that makes her an individual? Dressed up in the most authentic vintage clothing or
wearing nothing at all, every woman is divine. Even through the good times, even through the bad times, there is beauty, strength and inspiration inside and out... and that is what girls are made of.

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