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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feeling the Winter Blues

My favorite outfit of mine for the Spring!!! It screams ...Snow White or a young Miss Taylor dress

OH Dear!!!!! I knew this was going to happen again!

As soon as the first month and a half of winter passes by ...i start looking into my spring wardrobe and I start to have the winter blues!!!!

My favorite time of year is spring and summer ...I love wear colorful dresses, flower hats.... basket handbags!!! ...

Since my room is all spring like... I miss the warm sun already!!!!

I know I'm kind of getting a head start but I'm getting  inspired from these 1940's and 50's pictures!
Since my new years resolution is to sew ...maybe I should pick one of these to *try* to make hahaha!!!

Love As Always
Miss Amethyst


  1. You look gorgeous!!I love that blue dress, it's such a sweet color. I'm exactly the same way right now, staring longingly at all the pretty spring-y dresses I can't wear quite yet. Oh well, just one more month to go until March, and then it's spring as far as I'm concerned, haha!

  2. Oh hello darlin! Love your dress and parasol! And I just love visiting your blog, it whisks me away in to your prettie pink powder room wonderland ! And yes, could wintertime please be done soon? I have had a lil coating of snow here in philly and had some hot chocalate with marshmallows, now I am ready for spring dresses and colors! xoxoxo until the wind blows warm, Moxie

  3. :) I love your hair so much, and love to read your blog, cheers one up in this cold weather!

    Could you maybe do a tutorial for a hairdo like yours? I have a short bob (with bangs) but wish I had your hair ;)

    love, Cornelia

  4. Aww the winter blues are the worst :( But you look lovely! Maybe you could throw and spring themed party to get over your blues :)

    Mabel Time

  5. Awh! You look so pretty!! I know what you mean, I can't wait till I get to wear those lovely florals! I hope you start to sew, it's quite fun and I think you would enjoy it very much! You should post some of your projects, that would be a great addition to your blog!! :)

  6. Ahh I can't get over how gorgeous that picture is! The dress is such a lovely shade, and you definitely resemble Elizabeth Taylor! Lovely post <3

  7. What beautiful dresses! I have the except same problem - planning spring and summer wardrobes during the coldest month of the year... I love 1950s dresses as much as you do, and regularly sew and wear them. If all ladies dresses like that, wouldn't the world be a much prettier place?

    Happy sewing!



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