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Monday, December 20, 2010

Betty Hutton : 1) Victory Rolls

Hi All Vintage Lovers!
Here is The first how to for the Betty Hutton Hair Do.  Victory Rolls!!!
Before We get into the supplies (I'm very picky about victory rolls so here is how it SHOULDN'T look like
* It shouldn't look like....
- a big pin curl
- lumpy
-a huge doughnut
NO !! it should not look like this! its messy, it almost looks like a BAD pin curl, its not smooth.
*It SHOULD look like....
-Soft and smooth
-A Side Roll With A TINY (to medium size hole)
Victory Rolls are the Pinup hair style! ha ha! There is so much hair styles to create with victory rolls. Most famous person who worn the famous victory roll was  Betty Grable!
So Here Is The Supplies You Need:
Gel, Hairspray, Pin curl clips, Bobby pins, comb , and brush! And To add extra "interest" you can add a bow, hair onrnaments. :)
To this hair set, there not really a particular or preferred hair set to the look but this is what I've done. So i have not added any illustrations on the images to where the direction of the set is, because its all up to hoyou like your hair in the back! :)
The very messy set . LOL , sorry about that, also my new mannequin has very thin hair too. :D

Brush out your hair set. Sometimes when those of you who have fine hair should tease finely underneath your hair to give body.

A pretty wave

I start out my parting a section out for my victory rolls

Tease the section in parts. Remember to put hair spray!

How your section will look when its fully teased

Smooth out your section with a boar bristle hair brush. Don't smooth out inside of the hair only the outside.

Start to roll your hair around your two fingers to get a circle

Very carefully roll it more. Its important to keep your victory rolls nice and up.

Place booby pins in the roll. I use 2 bobby pins one on each end. You should by now be able to smooth your roll even more. If you cant do it with out making it look messy. Then you have not smooth out your tease properly

Your victory roll! Repeat steps on other side!

Here is the second victory roll!

Sometimes if you want to add extra fun to your hair style. Add a Little bow a clip on bird, clip on cherries be fun with it!!

Whoops sorry wrong angle. (make sure it looks nice and neat in the back!! :D
Hope you like my Betty Hutton Victory Roll Hair How To. Sorry for a long delay! I will try not to that again! My second how to is shortly going to come up!
Please if you have any questions, feel free ask me!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst


  1. perfect! I can never get my rolls to look that neat.

  2. Great tutorial!I really like the Victory Rolls and still am working on them...
    I know I often end up with the wrong type, but that's ok as I will (hopefully) one day get there. I will have to give it another go before I cut my hair!

  3. Thank you ladies! Practise makes perfect!! hope it will help!!!

  4. Hi

    Was wondering what shape sections you use when parting the hair - I think this may be where I'm going wrong. I have very thing hair and probably am not using enough of it.

  5. Lisa- for all hair types the section should be angled thicker on top thiner next to ears. Your section should be medium. because you have think about the rest of your hair. You dont want to little nor too much because you want body for the rest of your hair. teasing your sections and smothing it out will help ALOT! :) hope that helps

  6. I'm going to give it a try this week. :-)

  7. Hey - I know you have seen my post but this worked out really well for me! Thank you so much - you really are the hairstyling queen.

  8. Oh gee!! Im am very thrilled it wrk out! Aww thanks!!! That was very sweet of you!

  9. Hi! Discovered your blog through Lisa Snoodlebug's last post and I truly enjoy it! Love your style and that your tutorials are explained in a way that make them understandable for us "regular" people too ;) I think I'll have to try out this one some time during the next weeks!

    Miss M


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