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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Im Still Here...

Sorry for the lack of blogging!
At last the end of my cosmetology school is approaching!...
4 more weeks left!
So I'm getting ready for state boards currently!( I'm sooo nervous for my upcoming tests!!)  So while instead of blogging I've been studying like no other!!!
 I'm very sorry though... But on my spare time I have like 7 how tos downloaded onto my computer!
(One a Katy Perry hair how to Request!) which I will download everything & post it,  by in the next two weeks.
Love as always,
Miss Amethyst


  1. I bet you'll do swell on the exams!! So happy to see you'll be making more how to posts!!

  2. Good luck on your exams!! I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors :)
    (Also, I was flipping through my new Jean Harlow photo book when I signed onto Blogger, only to see her face here... what a funny coincidence!)

  3. Ooh lots of good luck to you. I'm looking forward to more fabulous posts from you soon! xxx

  4. thanks!!! cant wait for the katie perry tutorial :)

  5. Aww ladies!!thank you for the sweet comments!!!
    I hope I do pass my exams. :)

    Dakota- thats too funny!!! I love Jean Harlow!!!

    Love to all
    Miss Amethyst


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