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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Katy Perry 'Thinking of you' Hair How To

Hello There!!!
Today I will be doing a Request Hair style.
Its inspired by Katy Perry's music video 'Thinking of you'.
This particular style is mainly used with hats. For a sophisticated and elegant 1940's look.

What you need :
Bobby pins
2 ponytail holder

**** Start with 2 day old hair. It looks better when you do a up do.***

Comb your hair back. Split it in two ( You want a big bun basically so you need to split it in half.)

You want a low pony tails. ( Tease up each tail so it can an appearance of a fuller hair style)

Take each section and start winding it up like pin curls ....expect its going to be a stand up pin curl **

Standing up pin curl!! *** you can always flare out the edges to make it look wider

Do that with each strand on the pony tail. Until it looks like this.

Then Repeat it on the other side. But making sure you blend both together.

Spray any fly aways with Hairspray!

Completed look on the side

** Completed look on the front. **
add a cute 1940's hair Like Katy Perry!
This hair style is mainly to wear with hats!

Hope you enjoyed the How to!!!
Any Question feel free to ask!!
Have a Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst


  1. super cute!! When I do up dos my hair usually falls quickly would teasing help or is there something else I could do so it could stay up?

  2. Wow, that easy? Looks great. I shall try when I have longer hair.

  3. So cute! (and I LOVE her outfit in this photo!)

  4. Thank you ladies!!! Glad you love it!!

    Hep Kitten- Hiarspray will help ...teasing.. and securing your bobbypins

    Constantly Alice - haha me too

  5. Very nice how to! ConstantlyAlice sent me over to ck out your blog! I am now following. Pls ck mine out at if you get a chance.

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