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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Inside A Vintage Ladys Purse

Hello There
Have you ever wondered whats inside a vintage ladies purse?
To be the most glamorous vintage lady , you must know what to carry in your purse,.
This is the most accurate guide to : "Rade A Vintage Lady's Purse"

Of Course you would want modern things like your your id and things and cell phone etc.
Here Is you Handy Guide!! :

A Compact mirror for looking at your lovely self
A Cute Change purse

Lip Stick to touch up your lips after eating a sundae ice cream

Hankies! For blowing your nose, sweating etc.

Powder , to powder your nose (shiny)

A Silk scarf, you never know when its going to get breezy, or you have a ride in a convertable car.

(Sunglasses /glasses) (Bette Davis with fabulous 30's glasses)

Your keys of course

No need for explanation! If you brake a will need this....

Breath mints!!!

Hope you like your glamorous List For to put in your vintage purse!!
Here's Audrey Hepburn with her hand bag!! Wonder if shes carrying the go to things in her bag??!!!

Have A VERY Vintage Day!!
Miss Amethyst

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