The Powder Room

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year! New Stuff!! And New (ish) Blog!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
Omg! Its 2011 , is it just me or 2010 flew by so quickly!! Wow!!
I also made my blog feel more like a powder room, Mixing Shabby Chic with Retro Pink 40's and 50's glamour. Hope You like it. (Although some parts of it is still not quite finished!) Tell me what you think and what think i should add.

Today, I took a picture of what I had this morning, I got a new vintage hair clip, from 1949. Its SO cute, Also I got a new vintage hair hat pin (but i thought it would be cool to use it also as a cardie broach.
I look a bit sleepy, from yesterday. (Also please excuse camera , i need to replace it)

Tonight, Me and my family are having guest over, So I will wear instead of a purple cardie, I will wear a black bedazzled vintage 50's cardie, With a black patten belt, red lips, topped of with Jane Powell hair style!
Looking forward to it!!
Well Have A Great Vintage Day!
Miss Amethyst


  1. Just found your blog today - very, very impressed with your styling, fantastic job! Will definitely keep a lookout for more of your work.


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