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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish Blog Awards!

Hello Vintage Lovers!
I have been granted 2 Stylish Bog awards from, and
Thank you so much ladies!
Here are the rules. Share 7 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 Stylish Bloggers!

1) My Favorite colors is Pink, Teal, and Purple!!!

2) I have studied ballet since I was 7! ( I was an assistant ballet teacher for 1 year)

excuse crazy hands hahaha!!

3) Im Half Spanish!

4) I love collecting flower brooches, and vintage poodles!!

5) I love crazy cakes and making colorful cakes!!!

6) My favorite modern Day vintage movie is 'Grey Gardens'!!!

7) My favorite flower is Lilly of the Valley

Here is my Favorite Blog list

Congrats Ladies!!!
Thank you again!!
Have A Very vintage Day
Miss Amethyst


  1. You are very welcome dear!
    It's well deserved. You put alot of effort in your blog, and is a true inspiration!


  2. Hep Kitten- Your very welcome

    Nanfan 177- Haha!! we had soo mcuh fun making the cake

    Fraulein Lin- Aww thank you!!!So sweet of you!

  3. I haven't seen that film, will have to look out for it. You are indeed very stylish!

  4. Oh my - somehow I missed this post - and just noticed that you gave me an award. Why thank you, Miss Amethyst! I love your blog too!

    You are a ballerina? I'm so envious...

  5. Thank You! This is exciting because who doesn't need girls sleepwear? I think many should shop for new sleepwear and with that being said, why not buy the best in town. You will not be disappointed at all. Enjoy the new clothes.


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