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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finger Wave How To

Hello My Vintage Lovers!!
Today we will be talking about finger Waves
(Finger Wave : A wave set into dampened hair using only the fingers and a comb.)
Finger waves became popular in the 1920's. When the ladies of back then decided after the first war to bob their hair. It was defiantly a drastic change from the Gibson Girl to the 20's flapper girl.
Soon later in the years they moved in with waving of the hair. Leading to the the first invention the the perm.

Many Ladies whom I permed their hair at my hair school said they remember when they're parents took them as a child to get their hair permed in these!!!

Although my mannequin has unfortunately long hair I will still tell you how you can achieve it ( Unfortunately you cannot go all the way down finger waving on long hair but for the rest of the hair you would want to style it in pin curls. If you are a lucky gal of bob hair then you can finger wave your entire hair.)
(If you want a finger wave done all the way around I suggest having some one help you. )

What you will need: Duck bills, pin curl clips (for gals of long hair), Water, Gel, rat tail comb, and of course your fingers!!!! :)

Start out with damp hair that has a generious amount of gel. Part hair. And one side back. (burshing the side back allows the finger wave easier to swing, (wave).

Take your pointer finger and place it 2 inches from the part.

As You hold down the hair. Take your rattail comb and brush it forward (towards your face)

Once you brushed it towards your face gently push it towards your pointer finger.

Take your pointer finger and place it behind the wave and move your middle finger were your pointer finger was and take your comb out gently. (still keeping your middle finger and pointer finger squezing the ridge.

Brush the rest of the hair down.

Place clip next to your first ridge.Now place your pointer finger underneath the clip and repeat the same, but this time brushing away from your face.

Brush away from your face. While still keeping your pointer finger place on hair.

Take comb and push gently towards pointer finger.

Move pointer finger behind ridge and place middle finger were your pointer finger was. And gently remove the comb. And brush down. (Place another clip next to your second ridge.)
This is how you create a finger wave, you just keep going back and forth & back and forth.

How your wave should look like.

(Repeat on other side. ) Since my maniquin has long hair. I did pincurls.

Finish Look!

Finish Look

 I really hope you enjoy my finger wave how to. I tryed to make it as simple as possible. Its going to take a lot of practice finger waving, but it pays off in the end!!
If you have any questions please ask !!
Miss Amethyst


  1. This is so helpful I'm going to try it this Saturday for a antique fair!!

  2. Excellent, I actually understand it! Can't wait to give this a try!!

  3. Thank you ladies!! Please Take a picture of it!! I would love to see how it went!! :D

  4. Thanks for the How-To on Finger Waves - I love the look!

    That photo (Joan Blondell?) of those alien-looking perming rods is fabulous. I have an old 1930's Coca-Cola ad with a woman getting a perm, and she's in that same crazy contraption.


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