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Monday, January 10, 2011

DIY : A Very Vintage Facial

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
Today I will give you step by step instructions on a very vintage facial!
What you will need :
Hair Turban (a hair towel wrap), a pail of steaming hot water, 5 towels, apricot scrub, cold cream ( makeup remover), facial lotion, witch hazel, cotton balls, facial moisturiser, (optional soft 40's instrumental back round music)

1) Wrap your hair up like so.

2)Apply cold cream to your face (be generous)

3) Remove Cold Cream with cotton balls, then swipe face with Witch Hazel, (apply on cotton balls)

4) Take one for the 5 towels and drench it in the Hot water. Apply on face for at least a minute

5) Apply witch hazel again.

6) Take your facial lotion, and apply generously, ( Now its time for your face massage)
*Don't be afraid to massage your face
( massage under your eyes, around your lips, cheeks, and jaw.For about 10 minutes)
*This plumps up your vessels in your face

7) Take another towel and drench it in the hot water, apply on face and leave on for 1 minute.

8) Apply Mask ( turn on your 40's soft music. relax for 10- 15 minutes)

9) Take your hot water pale and put it out in the sink and pour in fresh hot water.

10) take a towel and drench it in hot water and remove mask.

11) Apply witch Hazel ( with two cotton balls gently squeeze you nose, this will help to take out white heads and black heads)

12) Apply facial lotion

13) Finish!! Now you have radiant skin like Lana Turner!!

Hope you like my Vintage Facial How To. Its good to do this at least 3 times a month. You can use any products for masks, and scrubs, but i highly recommend Soap & Glory

Not only is it great products but it comes in vintage inspired packaging!!!

Here's A Video I think you guys will like!!
If you have any questions please ask me!!
Miss Amethyst

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  1. Love the Vintage D I Y Facial, have every intention of try this before I go out with friends on Thursday for a girly get together.
    Your blog is just so ahhhh.....


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