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Monday, January 31, 2011

Shop Shop Shop!!!!

Hello My Vintage Lovers,
Recently I went shopping with my mom! We hit all of my fave vintage store and hit all of the vintage sales and we found alot of swell items!!
Check them out!!

Poodles!!! I always wanted poodles!! They are SO adorable!! Hats sale!!!
Left to Right
1) Recent gift from friend. vintage 50's
2) Pearl hat $1.00 !!!!!! (crazy huh!!!) vintage 50's
3) $3.00!!! vintage 40's

White and Pink clutches!!I'm so ready for spring!! All under $5.00!! ( I love sweet deals)

Pretty Flowers
This box actually has the date to it 1953!! Perfume talc, and 2 pretty rose hankies

Lip Stick holder!!! Too cute!!
All earring cost $1.00!!!!!!!!!!

Cute 40's/50's teal and black skirt

Gift from cousin. Its a 1960's cocktail dress. Doesn't it look like it belongs in the groovy 1960s beach party movies?!!??

A cute dress coat (linen) Its SO Audrey Hepburn late 50's!

The tag

Navy blue hat matches the dress coat!
Left to right.
1) original makeup mirror .75 cents!! vintage 50's
2) Vogue Hair net!!! Every gal needs one!!
3) A button down sweet heart green floral blouse original package!!!! NEW!!!  early 60's!!! I'm going to wear it under cute white circle skirts, and also my high waist jeans!!

The mirror that's in side the package!!

Blurry pic!! Its me with my aunts cat Kato!!
Isn't he a cutie!!??
(wearing a Jackie - O knit dress)
Wearing vintage doesn't have to cost alot!! You can look fab.... On a budget!!!
Today is the last day to vote on my hair clip how to!!
Hope you enjoy!!
Have a Very Vintage Day!
Miss Amethyst


  1. What a haul of goodies! You're a vintage shopping pro!!

    I'm most envious...

    Miss P xx

  2. fantastic bargains I'm green with jealousy!

  3. Amazing bargains!! Such wonderful things for cheap prices... lucky you! :)

  4. i need to shop where you shop!
    great stuff :)

  5. Man, you hit the jackpot! I wish my local stores were as well stocked.

  6. I absolutely love the earring you got! Only $1?! I'm so excited about those pieces :-)

  7. Thank you ladies!! Haha!! ( i just love bargains!!)

    Lilly- Thank you!!! Yes $1, isnt that insane!!??

    Hep Kitten- Thank you!! - When I saw the coat all I thought was ... " ITS MINE" hahaha!! :D


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