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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hat Hair... My Collection Of Hats!

1 Hat ..2 Hat... 3 Hat ..4 Hat....

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
One day I was cleaning out my room.. and I was rearranging my hats... I did not realise how much hats I have!!!!!
Its really funny when you been collecting vintage for a long time and you store it in hat boxes you don't really see how much of it you have!!!!

I never counted my hats!!! :(
Do you collect anything vintage that you have a lot of !!????
Miss Amethyst


  1. your hats are wonderful. especially I like the one with the leopard pattern.
    Unfortunately I have no vintage hats :(

  2. You do have a very nice collection of hats. I only have 2 vintage hats, but I have 3 more that are vintage style and a couple others that I wear when I'm not feeling vintage. :)

  3. Beautiful collection!! I collect vintage hats too! I actually started collecting them before I began wearing vintage clothes all the time. I hang them in my foyer so I can grab one before I head out the door. Keeping them on the wall prevents my 3 bad kitties from eating the veils (which they have been known to do in the past!)

  4. I love hats and your collection is beautiful...The one thing I collect are actually vintage pants/jeans I don't know why but one day I was cleaning my room and noticed I had a huge stack of them, and I also collect costume jewelry.

  5. That is one beautiful collection! I would love to have a huge collection of vintage hats, but I only own a rather sad two! I do have lots of knitted and felt berets, but they don't really count! And I think the leopard print ones are my favourites :)

  6. Oh! I love all those hats! I have one vintage hat at present, but I hope to have more soon! I love your blog, by the way, especially the tutorials!


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