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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Annette Funicello/ The Peggy Flip : Fun and Flirty Hair!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
Today I will be doing Annette / The Peggy  Flip!
( Fun Fact : My Moms name is Annette!!)
The Peggy flip was very very popular back in the 60's.
Annette always had her her hair rolled but my favorite look on her was ' The Peggy Flip'
Yep you guessed it flips!!!

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Sandra Dee also sported this popular hair style too!!!

A Long Peggy Flip

Here Is what you need
Depending on your hair length you need Bigger rollers on the crown and medium to small rollers around the nape of the hair. Lotta Body setting spray ( or just gel), roller clips, hood dryer ( or you can sleep in your set),  rat tail comb,and hair spray!!!!

AHHHH!!! Ugly!!!! You can either start on dry hair and use hot rollers..or start on wet and use rollers

Part hair make sure you use setting lotion if working on wet hair. If your working on dry..apply hair spray and thermal protective serum.

Apply medium to big rollers on top rolling under... then on the very bottom roll your rollers up like a flip!

( sorry for the blurry pic..) This is how your hair is suppose to look after you take the rollers down.

Tease 7 times on the crown of your hair and smooth it down with hair spray to create volume on top

Smooth is down carefully

The bottom of your hair to create that Peggy flip. Spray hair spray on the end and back comb ( above where my finger is)

(Back combing it like SO)

( take your hair and flip it around your finger and )

Back comb the very very ends of the hair ( feathering it outward)

Finished result!!! Apply lots and lots of hair spray!! You can also add a head band to your hair!

The flip close up!!!


I hope you enjoyed this hair how to.. hopefully it made sense. If you have any question please feel free to ask!
I love answering questions!
Miss Amethyst


  1. I really like this hairstyle you did a fantastic job, but it's always a pain to get it just right on my own hair (grrr!!) But Im still going to try it. :)

  2. Great 60s look! I don't usually sport a 1960s look but I might try this because you explained it so beautifully :)


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