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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Big Brush Out!!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!
Today we will be talking about brushing out your hair sets...
Every one has their own little way about brushing out their hair sets. Today I will be sharing my own little secrets!!
The Tools I use are:
1) My fingers
2) Wide Tooth Comb
3) A Boar teasing brush
4) Rat Tail Comb
5) Hair Spray


1. When you first brush out your hair spray, I like to put a light hair spray to hold the curls when i break them up with my fingers.
2) Next use a wide tooth comb to fluff out your set.
3) Use A Boar teasing brush just to lightly 'feather' out your set on top and in the bottom
4) If you have a specific wave pattern to your set, use your rat tail comb to lightly 'ruff ' your curls in to place by teasing with the curl.
5) Follow by the use of your choice:
 Light Hair spray... Medium Hair spray.... 'Stop the Bird' Mega Hold ( Freeze) hair spray

Tips: If you don't want to spray hair spray on your hair before your brush out,  your can spray a little bit in your combs/ brush.
Don't panic if you are new with pin curl sets or roller sets, when you hair looks supper big... its getting use to sets, and when you brush out your hair even more it will relax... (it will relax even more during the day..)

If you have any question please fill free to ask!

Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst


  1. The brush out! Oh my! Sometimes I dread that step but I think I understand I better now and how to keep the frizz down. Thanks!

  2. This is super helpful!! I was hoping you would see my blog on tumblr I think you'll enjoy it

  3. This is always the part I dread. The brush out. I get a giant fuzz ball that resembles noithing of curls anymore. I will try the hair spray trick next time though.


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