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Monday, October 24, 2011

Cold Days....

Me wearing A lovely red tulle dress!!!!

Its been freezing here!!!
So I'm currently switching my wardrobe to Fall / Winter!!!
I'm kinda sad because I love wearing my pastel colors!! But I also love wearing vintage sweaters and wool skirts!!!
I'm really inspired by all these photos! I just love how every last one of them is fashionably vintage with a cozy warm feel to it!!!
I'm currently trying to find the shoes below...I think I found them though at a local vintage shop!!! TEEEHEE I'm so excited!!!!

Arent They SOOO Cute???!!!

Im in love with her outfit!!!

I love the dress and the cute doggie!!!


Whats your vintage winter wish list item???!!

Miss Amethyst


  1. That red tulle dress is a dream!! You look like such a doll in it!
    I love the vintage ads you've posted; I so wish they still made cute little snow boots like that today!

  2. You look like a young Liz Taylor in the red dress.

  3. Hey!! I was just gonna say the same as Miss Tallulah!! You Look like Liz Taylor!! I LOVE Liz Taylor, how do you do your hair? well my hair is long but perhaps I can do the front like that.
    About my winter wish item, I want a coat, but as I never can find vintage sutff in my little hometown I am gonna make it....or try to make it, also I would like to have a nice hat.

  4. Dakota: thanks !!! Yeah me too!! I know it sounds weird..but in like 'Payless' mag theyre starting to make modern day boots like that... of course not AS fabolous as the vintage ones!! But they are still cute

    Miss Tallulah- haha!thanks! That day I was supose to be a young Liz Taylor for a vintage store. ( all i did really was put heavier eyelines bc Liz worn heavier eyeliner.

    Lizzy- Thanks! Its a really simple hair style for me beaucse it was cut to style that way with roller sets. So I just did a noraml roller set going all down and it brushes out like that. OOO!! I hope you find a fab vintage coat!!

  5. I love your hair. Your hairdo is probably on my wishlist!


  6. Your red dress is the most perfect and beautiful dress I have ever seen, lucky you!! :)

  7. I was going to say the same thing as Tallulah. I immediately thought of a young Elizabeth Taylor! That dress is possibly the most stunningly beautiful dress I've ever seen!

  8. You and the dress are fantastic!! I want to be you!!


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