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Monday, August 29, 2011

Styling Hair Problems.... Fixed!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
I have been getting lots of questions about hair lately. I thought I would answer them for you all today!

1) Why am I getting marks or fuzz (frizz) on the ends of my hair when I brush my hair? How do I get rid of them?


When you pin curl your hair make sure you don't wind. You start from the end of your hair creating a circle and wrapping it up to the base ( head). When you pin your pin curl clips make sure that you pin on top of the curl and the the pin curl clip body goes on the curl. like so .. ( look closely on how i do pin curls on pictures below)

If all else fails Its perfects ok to go over the curl with the curling iron and pin it again until it cools. For the frizz , your hair is need of a  good conditioning treatment. If your hair is not shiny you probably need either a shine ( which is like color but clear) or just a shine spray.

2) Whats a good way to disguise your hair roots If you are in need of hair color?


Well of course the answer should be color but what if you are getting your color in a week and you have roots? Answer is Hair Ornaments!!! I always say Wear something so pretty that they look at your hair Flower not your roots. :) I don't recommend  hair mascara wands, they actually create a problem if you want to color your hair because they have a residue /coating that prevents the hair color to sink in.

Look At this awesome hair clip!!!

3) What If I have a Edgy/ Modern Day Hair Cut, When I pin curl my hair it just goes into curls nothing vintage? How could I get my hair to look like from the 40's 50's?

Allot of us have a modern day hair cuts. Sometimes when we do pin curls it just goes into curls. Especially if you have short layers on long hair.  That were bobby pins and hair spray are going to be your best friends.
I find that if you do up do like for instance Pin curl your hair brush it out . Then twist your hair back up and secure with bobby pins leaving the top curly. Then in the front adding 3  small styled pin curls on one side of the part with a reverse victory rolls , can create the illusion of a well styled 40's 50's look.It doesn't have to be perfect. Sometimes imperfections like tighter curls on one side can create this cute young vibe to a sophisticate look.  If you look at the pictures of their hair to ... its basically modern as well ..for example 'The Middy' hair cut has a lot of layers almost looks somewhat like a shag. So don't worry!!
Here are some cute up dos that a very simple if you know how to do pin curls.

Hope everything was answered! If you have any other questions...
 Please feel free to ask!

Miss Amethyst


  1. I just discovered your blog and have to say thank you for all the nice hair tipps :)

  2. These are some great tips!! I actually cut my hair into a mini middy although I think my aunt cut it even shorter than the mini middy =)

  3. ~ * ♥ * ~
    I would really love some help with my hair ~ I have longish {past my shoulders} thick, naturally curly hair with one layer in it {I think}. I have been trying to pin curl it with no success.

    My method so far has been two rows of pin curls around the base of my head {leaving the top uncurled} using a setting putty on damp hair and drying over night. It's not working as the curls brush out very loose and fluffy. I don't know what I am doing wrong... Help!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  4. Thanks so much,love, for answering my question!!!


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