The Powder Room

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Almost Finished Powder Room

Hello Vintage Lovers!
Here is an update on my powder room! Its almost finished all i need is a wall divider and dry wall to hang up some pictures, and some shelf's!
This is not all of the goodies that I bought! :) Just some teheee :)

My mom painted my vanity! ( Vintage Crystal knobs from 'Tiara Day')
The vintage vanity cost $36!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So cheap!!!!

Black and white tiles! ;)
I cant wait to show you more stuff for my Pink Powder Room!!!!

What cha' think???
Miss Amethyst

OH and Friday I am going to do the Annette F. And The Peggy Flip Hair style set!!!
On Monday Lana Turner Hair set!!
And my 5 minute vintage hair series!!
fun fun fun


  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE that vanity... the knobs are just amazing! What a bargain. How cool to have your own powder room; so glamorous!!

  2. Oh it is simply lovely!!!!! So sweet and cute!!! The dressing table is gorgious, and I love how you decorate it with vintage photos and stuff!!!


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