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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage Shopping Spree!!!!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!
Couple days ago I went on a vintage shopping spree to my favorite stores 'Venus on The Half Shell' & Cannon Hill ' Old Hat Vintage'!!!
I bought 3 dresses!!!
A cute beaded white sweater!!
A darling purse!!
and more  :)
The beaded cardi' and the dark 'Mad Men dress' I got at Cannon hill for Buy one get one free sale!! Crazy HUH??
Here's A Look at what I got!!

Tootles Miss Amethyst


  1. adore them all! i must go on an adventure to see if we have shops like this or to rummage through a thrift store.
    great purchases!

  2. Fabulous! Glad I found your blog and bookmarked it. I've been a vintage seller for years and LOVE to see you young girls that are into this.(I am old enough to remember the 60s) Keep up the good work!


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