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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ann Margret Hair How To: Classic Big Hair with Volume!!

Vintage Lovers!!
Today is the Ann- Margret Hair How To
What you need to achieve this look is long hair ;)
You can actually get this look with medium length hair. Just use medium rollers :)
What you need:
Medium to Large Roller, roller clips, Lotta Body setting spray, (hot rollers opt), and rat tail comb, and last but not least a Hairspray!!!!

1) Before!! AHHHH!!! Scary sight!!

 2) Add the rollers in!! Technique: 1) direct the roller UP not down. Up gives you max volume!! 2) Take large sections Ann did not have curly hair she had wavy hair. 3) All of the rollers are facing down.  ( direction)

(Rollers in the back)

3) Go in Hood Dryer. If you don’t have one use a large barrel iron and curl your hair and do pin rollers

4) Take out rollers. This is what you should get when done very loose curls

5) When brushing out brush away from your face this brushing out technique is a great for big hair. Tease the crown if necessary.

Finished look! Hairs spray it!! (That little bump on top of her hair is the reflection of the back of the hair!! ha-ha!!)

Hope you enjoyed this short hair how to!!
If you have any questions please fell free to ask me!
Have A Very Vintage Day!

Miss Amethyst


  1. Great site. I took the liberty (if that is fine with you) to post your site information on Ann-Margret Magazine at
    with more detail at

    Thanks for the Ann-Margret how-to "do"

    Gary @ Ann-Margret Magazine

  2. What a fabulous site! :) I'm old enough to remember my mum in the sixties, with beehive hairdos, stiletto heeled shoes and very tight pencil skirts. She always looked amazing but I know how much work went into that very typical for the times look. :)


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