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Friday, May 13, 2011

Lana Turner Hair How To: Fun and Flirty Hair!!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!
Today I will be doing a Lana Turner Hair How To!
Lana Tuner , I thought had the best hair especially in the 40's!!!!
One word Glamour!!!

But today I will focus my hair how to on her partially half up do ( 1 picture!!)
I just adore this hair style!!!

Here is what you need:
Hair spray, pin curl clips, setting lotion, hood dryer ( or you can sleep with your set), shine spray, and a rat tail comb!

The finished hair set!!!
With setting lotion added in with a tiny bit of shine drops!
Take a triangle section . Do pin curls away facing down. ( place pin curl slightly away from the scalp.

Pin curls are away from the face

Brush every so slightly. Add shine spray and hair spray after you brush

Finished Look!!! Fun and Flirty!!!

Add a scarf to be Beach/spring and summer!

Go glam with a vintage hair clip!


Back view!

This hair do will definitely attract you attention!! Its very elegant , flirty and very Lana Turner, with a pinch of Rita Hayward!
Please  hope you enjoyed this hair do!
If you have and questions , i enjoy answering them!!
Have a Very Vintage Day!
-Miss Amethyst


  1. Thanks for posting this tutorial. I'm planning to cut my hair in a few weeks, and I'll finally be able to do curls like this again ;)

  2. I love that with the head band and the curled-back bangs!


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