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Friday, November 5, 2010


Hello my vintage lovers! Sorry for not blogging more frequently. I have been so busy with my school. Since I have to wear black pants , red white or black shirt I have managed to keep up with my vintage look. got high waisted pants (freddys and sailor pants also petal pushers.) my tops are dots that are from the 40's, pin strip cotton, little 40's50's sweater. but a smock is going over it. Not only that been managing with doing different hair style from the 30's , 40's, and 50's! They always ask how did you do that early in the morning , i say i set it at night haha!!! Today I just done my first hair cutt! YAA! it was a blunt 20's bob! It is extremly easy!! :D and i done marcel waving! It came out very good, althought no pictures :(
Speaking of pictures I will be posting Ginger Rogers HAIR!!! (on sunday!!) And Also a Carol Lambart style! Then So on to complete the funny girl hair series! :)
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst


  1. Ooh, I'd love to see pictures of your Freddies.
    Do you have any idea what size to get? I want to get some, my measurements are 26-36 for waist/hips and there are jeans that size. However, I've heard they run rather tight. . . ?

  2. Im a 25/39 waist hips for freddies ( a stre where i live at orders them. but i get the size up beause they do run small. if the waist is slighty big i always add a vintage red / or black belt. :D


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