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Monday, November 22, 2010

Funny Girl Series : Jane Russell

Hello My Vintage Lovers!!
Sorry For the delay for my vintage hair series! I have been a busy bee and a sleeping bee. :). I'm still trying to adjust to my new schedule. This is a Jane Russell how to hair!! It came out slightly well, but I'm disappointed that the hair was still slightly damp. So the curls didn't go as well as i would like them to go. But the hair set is really nice .( The technique's for the pin curls was from my teachers old 1940's Milady cosmetology school book) Before the how to here's some pics of Jane. Enjoy!

The How To:
This time I'm using one of my mannequins! Her Name is Sam II . But I decided to change her name to : Miss Peggy Sue :)

1) Comb. Pin Curl clips. Gel

2) Top section 3-4 standing up pin curls each side.

Pin curls going mainly one direction . But one row going another direction for some wave.

One direction . Notice from Big to small. To add volume UP

Take out pin curls. Finger brush them .Then comb them out with comb.

Since Miss Peggy Sue has no bangs and no layers I had to create too big pin curls on her hair.

Finial Results! Back


Not the best. But the hair set is mainly used for the girl who has layers and bangs, and that is above the shoulder length. So if you have that hair cut, try the set out. Even if you have long hair See what the hair set does for your hair!
Hope you enjoy!!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst


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